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A Rustic Industrial Space in Kofu

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Today our travels take us to Japan, where we will be exploring a gorgeous event space with an industrial vibe that is poised for cooking lessons and other demonstrations. 

What makes this beautiful place particularly interesting is that it didn’t always look as stunning. In fact, it wasn’t long ago that this wasn’t an event space at all! Before the design team at ShoeiLtd. got their hands on it, this spot was a shabby old apartment that honestly didn’t have a lot going for it. What a big change! 

The new space is vibrant and inviting with lots of rustic and industrial details to boot. Want to see what all of our raving is about? Come with us as we take a closer look!

Boring and bland

While there is certainly nothing wrong with this space, it isn’t exactly something to get excited over. It could pretty much be just any apartment space. We’d love to see some more unique features! 

Saying that, the flow from this living room into the kitchen area has some potential. Let’s see what our lovely designers did with it…

Warm glow replete with many different textures

Wow! What was once a rather bland space has been transformed into one with a diverse range of textures and colour tones. The floor and ceiling have been stripped to reveal a layer of distressed concrete, which works phenomenally within this industrial-rustic look. 

That rather awkward platform running along the edge of the floor was also stripped down to its roots, and a shelving unit was mounted on top.

Tiny kitchen

This kitchen may have worked for a young single or student that hates to cook, but it simply won’t do for the avid culinary aficionado. 

As an event space where cooking lessons are intended to take place, this kitchen is certainly in need of a makeover. We hope to see a more durable and spacious setup here.

Voila! an industrial masterpiece

The design team pulls through again with this shining industrial kitchen. The subway tiles, bare bulb pendulum lights, and chromatic kitchen appliances fit beautifully between the distressed floor and ceiling. 

There is a small, inbuilt shelf and storage beneath the countertop for added functionality. This kitchen is certainly fit for many cooking excursions!

Bonus: a new and improved bathroom

The design team was also able to outfit the space with a new bathroom. It is neat and simple in design with three different kinds of tiling at play. The decision to use white as the primary colour in the bathroom helps to keep things looking spacious. We just love those little floral dot tiles covering the floor!

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What did you think of this rustic-industrial cooking haven? Let us know in the comments below!
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