10 Modern Houses with White Exterior Shining Bright

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Modern, minimalist, and then monochromatic, the recent home décor trends emphasize simplicity and elegance. When choosing the exterior color, white is a popular choice for its crispness and brightness that make an impression to last forever. The versatility of white is such that it suits every architectural style from classic to contemporary and all locations from hills to beaches. The favorite color among the professional architects, white, is equally loved by the homeowners when painting the house exterior to make it shine and bright. Let’s walk through the modern home with a white exterior color for ideas and inspirations.

1. Fable from the Fairy tale House

Stonework and stucco with gabled roofs, the double-storey house suits the fairy tale imagination. The modern combination of white, off white and urban gray, gives the house the mystic style.

2. Artistic impression to impress

With the shine of glass doors, the brightness of white on the walls and ceiling, and then the artistic makeover from the carving on the front column matching in white, the house exterior is serenely pristine. 

3. Palatial and majestic in white

The Colonial-style house painted in white and the monotony of white broken by glass windows and wrought iron grill and fencing in the balcony is simply splendid.

4. Extravaganza in white

The concrete walkway leading to the majestic columns guarding the glass doors creates an elegant exterior washed in pristine white. The pergola on the terrace is painted white and decorated with greenery and flowering plants, which mixes the elegance of white with nature's color.

5. Picture perfect house in white

The monochrome magic dominated with white color with a touch of natural stone and warmth of yellow light seeping through the glass doors and windows combine to create a picture-perfect exterior. The gabled roof covered with slate color bricks adds extra magic to the house exterior.

6. Merger of elegance

Black-gray stone covering the façade, the patch of brown, the elegance of glass, and the judicious use of white, the merger of various shades, make the white shine bright. The innovative way to add the crispness of white in the house exterior is quite impressive.

7. Textured elegance of white

The textured wall in off white with pure white gracing the façade in bits and pieces, and the gray slanting roof creates a magnificent exterior in different shades of white.

8. Modern white house

The yellow glow of the light embraces the white walls supporting the glass dominating the modern house. The slanting roof, the house moving uphill with the hills, and the three floors build up a stunning house exterior in white and glass.   

9. Modern and minimalist

Exterior rear facade MJ Kanny Architect Modern houses steel cladding
MJ Kanny Architect

Exterior rear facade

MJ Kanny Architect

Stone and wood merge with the white walls dominating the house exterior, converting it into stunning home basking in the philosophy of simplicity and minimalism. 

10. Grandiose in white and modern Gray




The modern combination of white and Ultimate Gray transforms what would have been a simple house exterior into a grand decor to make an impression that can last forever. The elegant color combination gets complement by the versatile elegance of glass.  

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Which of these house exteriors in white did inspired you for your dream home? Leave us your comments.   

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