11 Illuminating Ways to Bring in the Natural Light into your Home

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The warmth of natural light filling the house interior can cheer up the décor, change the mood, enhance the color and elegance of the décor, and it also comes with the health benefit. No matter what artificial lighting you choose for the house, it's the natural light that matters the most since we spent most of the waking hours with the sun shining bright. The professional architects plan the house consciously, trying to bring ample natural light and reap its benefit. Let's scroll down the ideabook and get fresh ideas to flush your home with sufficient natural light and bask in the sunshine. Have a look!

1. Sunroof and the glass window

Let the wooden roof end with the sunroof filling the room from the light from above. Extend the sunroof to the glass window, making way for more natural light inside your home.

2. A wall called window

Go bold with the windows and brighten up the home with natural light rushing through it. Think about choosing the French windows made of glass for an unobstructed flow of light.

3. Two-floor glass walls

Replace the brick and concrete walls with a toughened glass wall, especially those facing the garden, courtyard, or balcony. The large glass walls will energies the house with the freshness of natural light all through the day.

4. Clarity of clear glass

Install clear glass on windows and doors instead of frosted or colored glass. It will allow more natural light to enter the home and keep the house well lit by daylight.

5. Experiment with natural light on the stairways

Brighten up the stairways with a glass screen moving with it. The massive floor to ceiling toughened glass creates a bright and spacious home interior that also look modern.  

6. Go crazy with windows and window treatment

Three-way glass windows will bring sufficient natural light inside the home. Go easy with window treatment, and if at all covering it, cover it with delicate drapes.

7. Glass doors for your home

Don’t block the view or light when designing the room connecting the garden. Choose the picture glass windows and complement them with glass doors for a clearer view and natural light.

8. A room submerged in natural light

A glasshouse amidst nature is a perfect way to flush the home in natural light. The natural light seeping through the glass will connect inside outside from where you can enjoy the sun and view with family and friends.  

9. Dress up the window delicately

Venetian blinds, heavy curtains, or thick fabric will block the natural light even if you have large glass windows. Opt for light and delicate fabrics to dress up the window and enjoy the feel of natural light.

10. Open up the window

Large windows opening up to the open space are an excellent way to bring in the natural light. Create a window seat near the window to bask in the sun while relaxing with your favorite books.

11. Double glass doors

Lit up the enclosed bathroom and drench it with natural light by going for the wall to wall and floor to ceiling glass windows, replacing the wall, and then choosing all glass doors to separate the wet area from the dry.

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