8 Compelling reasons to adopt large windows

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Planning to make a house? Why not consider large windows that offer beautiful vistas of the world outside and also let in fresh air during hot summers? With the wide variety of styles and sizes of windows available in the market along with attractive window dressing options choosing large windows today is an advantage. While they make rooms feel large, these windows also add beauty and charm to the building. Floor to ceiling windows are quite popular nowadays between rooms as they allow natural light from outer rooms to the interior sections of the house. Let us see from these designs created by our interior architects that display the advantages of large windows.

1. Bring nature indoors

With greenery fast disappearing around us having a vision like this is a real blessing. Large windows like these bring nature indoors so both children and adults can have a close connection with nature. The expansive windows here are the focal point of this room that allow the residents to capitalize on the surrounding landscape's view.

2. Soothing ambience

Large windows spread across the wall create a soothing ambience to enjoy periods of leisure with or without company. Irrespective of the weather outside you can always relax near a large window like here. The living room feels expansive and spacious with windows that always let in fresh air and light at all hours of the day.

3. Plenty of natural sunlight

Sunlight is essential to maintain health and when it moves into every part of the house goodness is guaranteed. During the days of heavy monsoons when everything inside begins to show signs of mildew large windows can allow sunlight to stream in and take off the bad odor of musty clothes and damp furniture. Here this large window along the balcony is the best solution when you like to have open spaces without the threat of burglar attacks.

4. Cozy window seat

Daughter's Bedroom De Panache Classic style bedroom
De Panache

Daughter's Bedroom

De Panache

Want privacy in the bedroom but not compromise with requirement of fresh air? Why not adopt this marvelous window seat idea which is large enough but the glazed glass protects from outside view. Technology today can help you choose the right size of window and types of glass to enjoy the best of both worlds.

5. Combination of multiple size windows

Staircase First Floor Ideation Design Stairs Concrete Grey
Ideation Design

Staircase First Floor

Ideation Design

The smart combination of small and large windows here leading out to tiny garden allow fresh air to enter and fill the home with sweet aroma of flowers. The strategic location enables air circulation across the house and improve interior air quality. So the emphasis should be on not only fitting in the right window sizes but also selecting the ideal location for them.

6. Floor to ceiling windows

In an open floor house like this wherein both dining area and kitchen are in close proximity it is essential to have large windows close by to keep away smell of food from the dining area. Large floor to ceiling windows like here provide clear view of outdoors that creates illusion that people in the dining area are sitting in another room.

7. Kitchen windows

Well-positioned kitchen windows can contribute to circulation of fresh air in the kitchen across the day. Utilizing large window design can help keep the kitchen surroundings look bright and fresh and also make the region energy efficient as there will be lesser use of artificial lighting during the day.

8. Keep out dampness from bathroom

The bathroom has been cleverly designed here to allow sunlight without compromising on privacy and it almost blurs the division between the bathroom and the small garden outside. The large window keeps the region free of moisture and dampness even in wet weather.

Do explore some more amazing external window designs.

Which of these window ideas did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below.

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