Your bed can be better! Simple tricks to beautify your sleeping area

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Most of us can admit to having at least a minor love affair with our beds. Who else is there to catch you and cradle you exhaustion each night? Your bed doesn’t ask questions or pass judgments; it’s just there to embrace you when you need it. In fact, this may be a bit of a one-sided relationship! Perhaps it’s time you do something nice for your bed. 

Luckily, there are lots of ways to beautify the bed and make it more unique and luxurious. The bed makes the biggest statement in any bedroom, so help it to put its best face forward. If you need a bit of inspiration on how to best pamper your dearest pal, have a look below. We’ve gathered six distinct ways to beautify your sleeping area.

Stack up some big pillows

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Bedroom by WN Interiors


If you notice that your bed is looking a bit sparse, make it more luxurious with the addition of a few extra cushy pillows. There are lots of options in this realm, too. You can go with some pretty pillows that match the existing bed linens, or incorporate some contrasting accent pillows for a little extra pizzazz. 

If you’re looking to beautify your bed on a budget, consider making some DIY pillowcases instead.

Build a bookshelf around the headboard

If you consider yourself to be a bookworm, a bookshelf-bed hybrid might just strike your fancy. By building a bookshelf around your headboard, you no longer have to deal with the struggle of getting cosy in bed and realising your forgot your book. In fact, you can peruse your shelves while bundled up in your favourite blankets. 

Nothing gets better than this. Make a space on the shelf for a reading lamp, and you won't ever want to leave!

Opt for many layers of vintage or unusual blankets

While pillows may look pretty, blankets will ultimately take up more surface area on the bed, so choose your blankets wisely. Just as pillows, there are countless varieties and combinations to try, so have some fun with the layering. 

Of course, comfort ought to be a priority, so the softer and cosier the linens the better. We just adore this look by Interior Desires. These raspberry blankets go beautifully with the rest of the decorative scheme.

Learn how to do tightly tucked ‘hotel’ corners

Making the bed properly each day will go a long way in helping your bed to look the part. This is a good routine, and you will realize that it’s ultimately worth your while when you begin coming home from a long day to a neatly made bed just waiting for you to climb in. 

If you want to take your bed making skills to the next level, learn how to do tightly tucked ‘hotel’ corners, we promise you’ll sleep all the better for it.

Hang interesting lights around the headboard

The headboard of your bed has tons of decorative potential. You don’t even have to have an actual headboard to reap the benefits of one, either. 

Take this dazzling bed setup, for example. The designers made a feature out of the wall behind the bed, foregoing the headboard entirely. The result is as unique as it is stunning.

Cover the bed with a mosquito net or drapes like a four-poster bed

To polish things off, cover your bed with a mosquito net or drapes to create the look of a four-poster bed. The beauty of these alternatives is that you can simply hang them from the ceiling for the same effect. 

The privacy and inherent charm of this style will certainly elevate the overall style of your bed, particularly if you use it in conjunction with other options on our list.

For more tips on beautifying your bed, check out these stylish bedroom ideas. Happy decorating! 

How have you jazzed up your bed? Let us know your thoughts using the comments section, below!

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