17 Modern and Minimalist Home Designs to Inspire you

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In this era of a fast-paced world, minimalism and simple living have become the new way of life. The professional architects are creating stunning design following the minimalist design philosophy. The minimalist architecture has become popular among the client and the modern family either building a new home or a house-hunting spree. Subtle design, simple materials, honest detailing, clean look that creates a calming feel, and the humble elegance it exudes make the minimalist home design quite appealing. Let’s take a tour of the minimalist homes for ideas and inspirations.

1. Royal minimalist exterior

The elevated entrance, slanting grey roof and white exterior with perfect lines and angels of the poster windows in symmetrical style gives the minimalist home a regal and elegant look.

2. Sophisticated and simple

Clean lines and perfect angels, this minimalist design of the modern home, made of brick and mortar has an open and uncomplicated design.

3. Visual classiness

The shine of the white, slanting roof, large windows of glass and the intricate jaali wall-cladding for privacy allow the sunlight and fresh air to seep inside; it’s a visual delight.

4. Modern and minimalist

The solid concrete walls in its natural shade, clean lines and the concrete blocks stacked on it, this minimalist home is the epitome of elegance.

5. Harmony of materials

Glass, wood, concrete, stone, metals and the generous splash of greenery merge to create a minimalist home's beautiful exterior.

6. One with the courtyard

Three-way elegant home exterior dominated by massive glass windows and doors with a courtyard in the middle is the smart amalgamation of traditional and minimalist style.

7. In nature’s lap

Surrounded by nature, this house's simple detailing with slanting roof devoid of any flashy décor works to enhance the minimalist charm.

8. Elegance in simplicity

The simplicity in the house's form and design with an elevated portico, huge glass windows, slating roof covered in clay tiles, and the house exterior painted in light grey looks majestic.

9. Elevated classiness

Stone wall-cladding on the platform elevating the house, and the glass dominating the house exterior is a fine blend of style and elegance in this minimalist style house.

10. In the tone of single shade

The minimalist design philosophy is all about playing with simplicity like this entire house exterior styled in different colours of the same colour grey on wall-cladding and the wall colour.

11. Luxury of minimalism

Glass guardrail, glass windows and doors, stone and metal boundary wall and exterior gate with wood striking a balance on the ceiling, floor and first-floor wall-cladding; this minimalist house is drenched in luxury and elegance.

12. Beautiful and eclectic

Clean exterior in three different shades, the grey, brown and white with an open balcony with glass railing; this simple minimalist home is devoid of any decoration and looks chic and stylish.

13. Stack of minimalism

The combination of dark and light grey on the two floors designed to be stacked one above the other with symmetrical glass windows and stone wall as the boundary combines to create a perfect minimalist-style home exterior. 

14. The glass house

Glass doors and windows dominate this minimalist house exterior. The white walls, extended roof, and long wooden panels on the upper deck give the home a warm and welcoming feel.

15. Quiet and quaint

Strategic use of materials, colours, and texture creates visual magic and brings in a serene personality in this minimalist-style house.

16. Uncomplicated style

Minimalist design philosophy believes in uncomplicated style. Take a clue from this two-storey house with covered patio, the concrete wall in the ground floor and wall to the wall glass window on the two-floors above, protected by metal railings of the balcony

17. Pristine in white

The pure and pristine look of the white house creates an elegant exterior of the house. The graceful presence breaks the monopoly of white of large French windows covered in glass.

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Which of these minimalist house exteriors did inspired you for your dream home? Leave us your comments.

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