25 Bedroom Curtain Ideas to Create a Chic and Serene Space

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Choosing the bedroom curtain is not a cakewalk. From the type of fabric to its colour, the style, designs, patterns, length… there is a lot to consider and decide before hanging the curtains to dress up the windows. The bedroom stylist and the interior designers and decorators vouch for the curtains when it comes to boosting the bedroom style. While the essential bedroom furniture adds comfort to the room, it’s the curtains that bring elegance and stylishness into the bedroom décor. So if you are brainstorming for the ideas and inspiration for bedroom curtains that are en vogue and trendy, then just browse through this ideabook. Have a look and give your bedroom an instant fashion makeover by changing its curtains.

1. Happy-go-jolly curtains

The vibrancy of the coloured crooked stripes on the white curtains makes the bedroom a happy place to dwell. A piece of the curtain fabric on the recliner and the bedroom sofa adds more vibrancy and colour in the all-white bedroom.

2. Animal print for wildlife lover

Show your animal love through the curtains of your bedroom. It could be through animal print or the animals printed on it.

3. Soft as modern grey

In sync with the furniture, furnishing and even the paintings on the wall, the curtains' grey adds softness to the bedroom décor.

4. Calm grace of blue

Bring in calm and serene energy inside the bedroom through the gentleness of blue on the curtains, making it cool and chic.

5. Black and white magic

The thick black curtains contrast with the softness of sheer white curtains' to dress up the window and the bedroom with its stunning contrast.

6. Icy touch of the Ice Blue

The icy touch of the Ice Blue curtains makes the environment relaxed and serene. The duvet on the bed matches the curtains' colour, bringing in the uniformity in the bedroom décor.

7. Regal feel of the heavy curtains

Heavy bedroom curtains completely block the light and also give the bedroom an elegant regal look and feel. 

8. Warmth of the wooden shade

The sophistication of wood on the floor and the bedroom furniture's extend to the bedroom curtains filling it with the warm elegance of wooden texture and colour.

9. Panache of Ultramarine Green

Create a chic and sophisticated ambience in the bedroom with the Ultramarine Green curtains with the sheer white curtains adorning the bedroom window from top to bottom.

10. All-Grey curtain

All-Grey curtain in the all-Grey bedroom does the trick, making the bedroom look and feel fresh and impressive.

11. Pecan shade of the Brown

Complement the walnut colour of the bedroom furniture with the Pecan Brown curtains. The two different shade of the Brown in furniture and furnishing creates an elegant atmosphere.

12. Drop-down gorgeous

The dark Grey curtains drop from the ceiling touching the floor dressing up the bedroom décor, making the bedroom look and feel gorgeous.

13. Artistic prints

The patterned printed curtains in Grey and white complements the bedroom decoration enhancing its style with its presence.

14. Natural charm of the rattan blinds

The rattan blinds on the bedroom windows cover the windows, bringing natural charm with the natural material's rawness.

15. Bold and beautiful

The boldness of dark Grey covering up the windows from ceiling to floor builds up a beautiful décor of the bedroom.

16. Velvety touch of the heavy curtains

Heavy drapes draping the windows amalgamate with the traditional style bedroom decoration complementing the beautiful interior. 

17. Floral magic

The embroidered floral on the sheer curtains create magic with its soft touches and breezy elegance.

18. Brightness of muted mustard

Mute mustard curtains with bright Illuminating yellow walls of the bedroom harmonises the décor toning down the brightness with its mute sophistication. 

19. Fresh breadth of Lavender

The lavender colour of the bedroom curtains brings in the freshness and classiness into the décor. It perfectly matches with the pastel shade of the wall.

20. Chocolaty flavor of chocolate brown

The chocolate rolling curtains adorning the bedroom windows add style and elegance in the bedroom décor with its stylishness. The inventive technique of the rolling curtains complements the youthful vibe of the bedroom décor. 

21. Gliding style of folding curtains

The folding style of the curtains is quite convenient while opening and closing it. The off-white colour of the curtains blends with the white dominating the bedroom colour. 

22. Magnificent Purple

The subtle shade of purple of the bedroom gets enhanced by the darker version of purple on the curtains. It's a smart designer's hack to shock the style by playing with the same colour's different shades.

23. Blended with the wall color

Choose the curtain that blends with the colour of the bedroom wall. It looks stunning and also creates a rich and elegant interior of the bedroom. 

24. Stripped beauty

The alternate classiness of bright yellow complemented with white shine brings in a fresh vibe in the bedroom décor.

25. Hiding from the view

Dropping from somewhere above the false ceiling, the colossal curtains' origin is cut from the direct view even when lying on the bed.

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