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9 Windows you'll want to look through!

Leigh Leigh
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If eyes are the windows to the soul, then windows are the eyes of the home—and you want those eyes to look beautiful!

Your windows allow sunlight into your home and they allow those outside your home a little peek into your style and tastes. Window design is always something to pay attention to because it can mean the difference between a stylish and carefully designed home and a home that hasn't received too much attention.

This is why today we are going to show you nine beautiful windows so that you can see just how impressive a home should be with the right framing…

1. Expansive

A key characteristic of modern homes is to include large, open and expansive windows throughout the entire home. Don't you love how it opens the entire home up, creating a subtle and transparent barrier between the interior and the exterior?

Chat to your designer about knocking down the walls of your home and including some of these beautiful, large glass sheets.

2. Traditional shape

This design, by Architects Scotland Ltd is a wonderful example of how traditional and classic architecture comes together to create gorgeous windows. Don't you think it looks a little bit like windows you'd find in a chapel?

These help to frame the entire space in a beautiful way, which means that you need very little decor.

3. Shutters

Cafe Style Shutters for Bay Windows Plantation Shutters Ltd Windows & doorsBlinds & shutters
Plantation Shutters Ltd

Cafe Style Shutters for Bay Windows

Plantation Shutters Ltd

Curtains and shutters are wonderful window features, softening the light that streams through them. 

Opt for white window frames and turquoise or plain wood shutters, for example, to mix it up. Otherwise you can can go for an all white look, like in this image. 

Curtains and shutters provide privacy for those who live in the home, but are adaptable so you can still open the up and allow the sunlight to filter in!

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4. Open them up

Opt for windows that you can open up, allowing you to utilise your balcony space. This not only makes your home bigger, when they are open, but it allows you to really make the most of exterior spaces in your home.

Have a look through the homify window products for inspiration.

5. Include the views

When it comes to building your home, you want to be strategic about where the windows are placed. If your home overlooks gorgeous, panoramic views or if it faces East or West, choose windows that will allow you to experience the sun rising or setting or the surrounding views.

Essentially you want your windows to be placed in the most beneficial spots possible!

6. Window in the ceiling

Skylights are some of the best types of windows that you can install in your home, lighting and brightening your entire home. 

You can see in this design, by ADF Architects, how the skylight truly enhances the interior of the home. 

7. Earthy tones

Your windows don't have to be a classic or traditional look and feel. You can also go for a rustic or industrial ambiance. Opt for wood and create very natural looking windows, which enhance your home's warmth.

8. Take up space

You don't have to be shy when it comes to your windows—let them stretch across the entire wall!

Glass is a fabulous material for the home and works wonderfully with wood, steel and brick. Include glass in the actual architectural design of your home and you'll end up with a modern and magical home like this one.

9. Let the light shine in

Winchmore Hill, London Maxlight Modern windows & doors

Winchmore Hill, London


To really create an open and warm home, install windows above windows. Yes, you heard us right!

In this image, you can see how windows have been placed just under the ceiling, which allow light to natural light to stream into the home without compromising on the privacy of the family.

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