15 Essential Guest Room Items to make your Guests feel at Home

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We the Malaysians love to host guests at home. We prefer families and friends to stay with us at home and feel at home rather than staying in some strange hotel rooms. So if you have an extra room at home that you want to convert to be a guest room or have the guests arriving, it's time to decorate it to make the stay as comfortable and memorable as possible. Here's a compact list of the essential items curated by our professionals to get the guest room ready and welcoming for your guests' comfortable stay. Check this list out, and your home is prepared to receive the guests.

1. Storage Cabinet

Don’t leave your guests living out of a suitcase. It’s uncomfortable to take out and keep the stuff back even if it is a short visit. Keep a storage cabinet empty and ready for the exclusive use by your guest.

2. Bedside lamp

Keep a bedside lamp handy for the guests to use. The guests are unfamiliar with the room's layout, and the switches make finding the path in the dark quite tricky. A bedside lamp will be a boon in the darkness of night when they don’t want to sleep with the light on.

3. Study Table

Probably the guests are not coming to work or study. But then, who knows, maybe they would admire a study table or workspace in the room.

4. Television with a TV unit

Television has become an integral part of our home and life. So fix a separate TV with TV units for the guest room for the comfortable viewing of their choicest show right from their room's comfort.

5. Extra comforter and pillows

Every person has a different need when it comes to getting a comfortable sleep. Throw in some extra comforter, pillows, and bedsheets for your guests. You never know when they will need it.

6. Foldable bed table

It's an easy and comfortable hack even for the host to bring some comfort in the guest bedroom. The foldable bed table can be used as a work/study table and serve the morning's bed tea/coffee. Fold it and tuck it away when not needed and no space will be occupied.

7. Recliner to lounge

Your guests will surely love a comfortable recliner kept in the guest room of your house. You can opt for a movable chair or a sofa; it will depend on the space you have in the room.

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8. Towels and toiletries

The guests will appreciate this small, thoughtful gesture. Fresh towels, toiletries, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc., is quite handy and helpful for the guests.

9. Hangers in the cabinet

You can’t expect the guests to travel with cloth hangers! So keep a few extra hangers in the guest room wardrobe for the use of the guests.

10. Laundry Basket

Don’t leave your guests wondering where to collect the dirty laundry to be cleaned. A laundry basket will also help you and them to sort the laundry and keep the cupboard clean and clear.

11. An alarm clock

In modern times everyone has a clock and alarm on their mobile phones. However, the simple gesture of placing an alarm clock in the guest bedroom will not harm and add to the décor too.

12. Hanging rod or Door hooks

Door hooks, a rod fixed or hanging on the wall are a simple way to make space for clothes, jackets, coats, purses, etc. It is especially perfect for a small guest room.

13. A Dressing table

Well… if you don’t enough space for a dressing table, then find a way to fix a mirror in the guest room. After all, it is one thing anyone will need each day of the stay and definitely feel uncomfortable running to share the dressing room of your bedroom.

14. A Moving furniture

Use it for sitting, throwing the bag or clothes, or be a seat for you when you visit the guests in the guest room, a humble piece of movable furniture elevates the comfort of the guest room décor without you realizing its importance.

15. The Flower Power

Nothing can be more welcoming than a vase full of flower or green plants' freshness in the planters. You cannot ignore the power of flowers when it comes to decoration. And your guest will appreciate your skilful décor and freshness of the indoor plants.

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