Top tips for choosing perfect kitchen furniture

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That a well organised and stylish kitchen is of paramount importance for every home requires no emphasising. When you choose appropriate furniture for your kitchen, you make the space look more charming, comfortable for spending long hours, clutter free and efficient. Kitchens are no longer an isolated space built in one corner of the house. Nowadays, most kitchens use an open floor plan and share their spaces with dining rooms or living rooms and dining areas. 

Don’t you often sit down in your kitchen and have a hearty chat with the other members of your family over a plate of crunchy cucur and cup of simmering hot coffee? Kitchens have become a social hub, so having a gracefully designed kitchen is extra necessary now. 

Dimensions of your kitchen

Measure the space you are about to decorate and think of the layout suitable for it. A squarish or slightly rectangular kitchen with an expansive interior is ideal, but most homes nowadays cannot afford such a luxury. 

City homes are suffering from huge space constraints. In quite a few Kuala Lumpur apartments, a kitchen occupies less than 5 square metres of space. Moreover, your kitchen could be very narrow and oblong, irregular or set against one of the walls. Deciding on the layout will help you to choose the right furniture for this space.

Storage requirements

Next, you will have to determine how much storage you would require in your kitchen. This should always be slightly more than your current requirements. Over time, you may purchase new appliances just launched on the market or a fresh set of utensils or tableware without necessarily throwing away your old ones. So your requirements for storage will only increase with time.

Some experts suggest that, if this is a new home that you are decorating, you should have thrice the amount of storage of your current requirements. This might be too much for a small kitchen. So be reasonable and have some free storage space left for your future needs. Moreover, if this is an existing kitchen that you are renovating, you will have a fair idea of how much storage you'll need.

To plan a kitchen island or not

Plan a kitchen island only if you have a space in excess of 8 sq metres’ (about 90 sq feet). A bulky kitchen island in a smaller kitchen is a strict no no. It will only make your kitchen look and feel more cramped. 

But when you can afford to install a kitchen island, maximise the benefits by building elaborate shelves and drawers underneath. This will offset some of your storage requirements. See how Harvey Jones Kitchens used this tactic to increase the storage space in this kitchen.

Materials for furniture

Natural wood is still the most preferred material for kitchen cabinets. Oak, walnut and mahogany can be used to build elegant kitchen furniture. Engineered wood, though not as durable as their natural counterparts, is favoured for its affordability. Modern homes can experiment with veneered wood as well.

Bar stools, breakfast tables and chairs made of cast aluminium, wrought iron or a combination of metal and wood look stylish. Glass top tables also look classy. Transparent acrylic furniture can create a trend-setting interior for your kitchen. Moulded plastic sets are lightweight and portable. 

Shiny or matte

This is more of a personal choice. If you wish to give your kitchen a more dramatic look then it is better to opt for furniture with a high gloss veneered or metallic finish. However, remember to duly balance it with walls and ceilings in a matte finish. 

When you are not so intent on this sense of drama, you can go for furniture with a matte finish. Be assured this will not reduce the style quotient of your kitchen by any mean. Another option could be to select a matte surface for your cabinets but a glossy finish for the chairs and stools, or vice versa.

Which colour to choose?

From the purity of white to the warmth of wood, the choice is endless. White is the most common colour for kitchen furniture, for it almost effortlessly gives an expansive, neat and tidy look to any kitchen. But there are other choices for you to indulge in. See how Urban Myth used a combination of metallic silver, pale blue and lime green furniture for this kitchen.

Like other rooms of your house, decide on a colour scheme and choose furniture based on that. If your walls are painted in bright hues or decorated with colourful tiles, use subtle tones for furniture. If the walls and ceiling are more understated select a tone that would cheer up the space.

Do not forget to check some of the best flooring options for your kitchen!

Have you just finished refurbishing your kitchen? Share with us your story in the comments section below!

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