19 Smart Ideas to Create Cosy Interiors in your Home

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A home is where the heart resides and love blossoms. It’s a place where we relax, entertain and thrive in the company of loved ones, living a life. While decorating our home, if you could choose one thing between cosy and luxury, we are sure that the maximum vote will go for ‘cosy’. So, to make your life easy and take you away from the catch 22 situation, our interior designers and decorators have smartly merged luxury with cosy décor to create stunning and relaxing homes. Let’s dive into the ideas to get inspirations before deciding to incorporate cosy decor in your home interior style. Have a look!

1. Cosiness of homey décor

This simple living room gets filled with freshness through massive glass doors connecting it with the balcony. The comfortable sofa with cushioned seats, carefully mismatched pillows, the round table behind the couch with a seat in the in-built cabinet, the shine of the layered lights and the soft sheer curtains dressing the windows builds up a cosy décor.

2. Play with the contrast

Be bold and play with contrast in your home décor. Paint the walls in dark grey and then complement it with the lighter tone of the same colour on the floor, ceiling and furniture. Let the room be flushed with natural light and bask in the cosy comfort of the stylish décor.

3. Layers of luxury

Dress up the windows in layers of sheer, neutral and colour to add the cosy comfort to the luxurious décor. 

4. Mix modern with comfort

The warmth of wood on the concrete wall, the rustic spotlights focused on the walls, comfortable upholstered sofa, multi-layer coffee table, jute ottomans, round pedestal fan, cotton rug, and the pop of colour through a single chair builds up a cosy, comfortable atmosphere in a modern setting.

5. Incorporate natural materials

Cement floor, open brick wall with a lone picture adorning it, natural light flushing the room with natural light through the glass window, metal accessories, wooden wall, and a leather couch with printed pillows thrown on it, the natural elements merge to build up cosy décor.

6. Comfort of green

The indoor plants in pots, planters or the vertical garden create a serene and beautiful atmosphere, making the interior cosy, comfortable and fresh. Add a few more natural elements and accessorised with lamps and light to elevate the decor's cosy quotient.   

7. Cosy corner for two

Away from the general public place, cut a corner for two for that relaxed and comfortable feeling, just together. You can also bring accent colour through the seat for two in the same room.

8. Eclectic mix of modern minimalism

The unmatched comfort of minimalism is en vogue and will remain so for long. The uncluttered feel, clean lines, precise shapes, and just enough furniture, furnishing and wall décor create a cosy atmosphere.

9. Smart selection of colour

Be smart with the colour selection of furniture and furnishing to give the home décor a cosy feel. Here, the different tone of modern grey and blue weave a story that ties the décor.

10. Cosy with comfy seating arrangement

Build up a cosy décor with plenty of seating arrangements with comfortable couches, ottomans, long sofa, especially in an open-plan living space to fill the room with the cosiness of comfortable furniture.

11. Intimate with round table

There’s a reason for the round table is popular among friends. It makes the flow of conversation comfortable without the turning of heads. It’s cosy, so make it stylish in your home décor.

12. Freshness of vibrant décor

Let your décor be an extension of your style to make it cosy. If you love colours, spread it across to bask in the cosy comfort of vibrant style. Allow the freshness to wipe the room through the colossal glass windows painting it green.

13. Cosy comfort of industrial-style

Unleash your imagination and decorate your home with the rustic charm of industrial style and relax in its cosy comfort. Metal rocking chairs with thread weave, wired mess on the wall, exposed pipes of electrical fittings, stone TV unit, and an old sewing machine remodelled to be the console table, the rusticity of the décor is making it cosy.  

14. Warmth of warmer tone

Create a warmer décor through the choice of warm colour tone. The different tone of the same shade creates magic in this small bedroom, making it cosy and relaxing.

15. Stylish blend of colours

If calmness is relaxing for you, take inspiration from here to create a serene environment from the stylish blend of colours and define the boundaries of the different space in an open-plan living space.

16. Elegance of wood

Wooden wall cladding, wooden TV unit, and wooden blinds merge to build a cosy atmosphere in this stunning living room. The sophisticated charm of wood adds elegance and warmth to the home decor.

17. Luxury of layered fabric

The richness of layered fabric adds luxury and cosy style to the décor instantly. Velvet, jute, fur, faux leather, and textured cotton are a few of the fabric that creates an ambience where you would love to cuddle up in cosy comfort when layered.

18. Amalgamation of ideas and imagination

A lot can happen over a space to elevate its cosiness and build up an eclectic décor to relax and rejuvenate. Vibrant wallpaper, a massive painting on it, the ottoman used as a coffee table, different fabric on sofa and chair, and two knitted poufs compliments and blends together to build up a cosy atmosphere in the small living room.

19. Breaking the calmness

If white is sophisticated and serene, the pop of colour makes it bright and beautiful. The room dominated in white pops up with the colours of the pillows thrown on the couch, instantly elevating the cool quotient of the décor.

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