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10 small and totally adorable cosy kitchens

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With real estate prices on the rise pretty much across the board, most of us have had to at least consider downsizing. Some might do this simply because of budget, whilst others may prioritise location over size. Whatever your reasoning, decorating a smaller space and making it functional can feel like quite the challenge. Still, we believe that virtually any space can be made to feel like home

Once you embark on the task of working within a constrained space, you realise there are actually plenty of strategies that can effectively maximise the space you have to work with. Ultimately, it's better to just embrace the smaller space. A little inspiration can be helpful in this regard. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 10 small but oh-so cosy kitchens—enjoy!

Keeping it light

When the kitchen is small it’s best not to overload it with an excessive amount of colour or too many bold patterns. That’s why this kitchen’s colour scheme is so delightful. 

Patterns are largely reserved for the floor, where they are kept out of the direct line of vision, and the rest of the kitchen is decorated in white and other pastels. Further, the petite dining furniture fits easily into this small space.

Cottage cheer

Little Cream Kitchen Hallwood Furniture Kitchen
Hallwood Furniture

Little Cream Kitchen

Hallwood Furniture

Between the vintage appliances, cream kitchen fronts, and sturdy wooden countertops, this kitchen feels super homey. 

For many, it might even conjure of the kitchen from a nostalgic childhood, and for the rest of us, it’s the childhood kitchen we’ve never had! The subway tiling on the kitchen backsplash keeps things updated.

Vibrant eclecticism

No matter its size, a truly cosy kitchen is one that feels lived-in. It is comprised of decorations and mementos of personal significance. 

Adding a variety of flowers and other elements of nature, as we can see in this kitchen by Maria Linhares Decoração de Interiores, is another way to create some more vibrant appeal. Warm wooden tones illuminated with some inbuilt lighting help to complete the look.

The shape shifter

Folding furniture is certainly nothing new. In fact, this is actually a pretty old school solution to space constraints. Why not trust something that’s withstood the test of time? 

In the absence of a permanent dining table, the designer behind this kitchen was able to squeeze in more counter space, something we could all use a little bit more of. Then, when the family requires it, they can simply fold out the table and eat!

Retro charm

This petit kitchen is certainly not lacking in pizzazz. Remember that the best way to add a pop of colour or a bit of decoration is by amping up your necessities rather than incorporating items strictly for the purpose of ornamentation. Here, the bright yellow vintage fridge and the retro style wallpaper make this kitchen stand out.

Flower power

If you do feel like your small kitchen is feeling a little bit barren, use plants to jazz it up. Find spots for them where they are unobtrusive and out of the way, like they are on this small shelf above the counters, or as a centrepiece on the dining table if you have one.

Farmouse chic

The West Sussex Kitchen by deVOL deVOL Kitchens Kitchen
deVOL Kitchens

The West Sussex Kitchen by deVOL

deVOL Kitchens

The farmhouse look is very in right now. If you’re looking to redo your kitchen, we recommend outfitting it with a farmhouse sink like this one. They will certainly make a statement! 

This kitchen is done in neutral tones and the kitchen fronts are quite simple, but in the presence of the farmhouse sink, the look becomes rustic and homey. We love it!

A touch of personality

If you’re someone who just cannot live without a bit of personality in their interiors, we get it. Luckily there are some ways to pull this off, as evidenced by this cute kitchen in a student apartment. 

As we can see here, making use of vertical space opens up lots of new possibilities when it comes to decorating the kitchen.

The Nordic touch

Small kitchens do well when dressed in light colour tones and filled with natural light. Just look at this Scandinavian style kitchen! 

Opting for white walls and appliances and pale timber colouring will work wonders in a small space. Complete the look with some stylish lights, plants, and cute accessories.

Quirky cool tiling

Finally, let’s take to the floors! Adding some style to your kitchen can be tricky, but the floor isn’t a bad place to start. Better yet, for those working on a budget, try opting for tile stickers like the ones used to decorate this lovely kitchen floor. They offer the chance to create your own totally unique patterns at a fraction of the cost of real tiles. 

Could it be that small and cosy kitchens are actually the best kind? We think they just might be!

If you'd like to learn about the many uses of floor decals, check out these cool ways to transform rooms with tile stickers. Happy decorating!

How do you make your kitchen cosy? Let us know using the comments section, below!

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