10 Modern Ideas to Use the Colour Peach in Your Decor

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Peach: it's not a colour that we use in homes too often, but perhaps it's one we should turn to more. What exactly is peach? It's a mix of pink and orange, often a light and soft tone. As it's a warmer tone, it can brighten a room. Adding peach can bring a summer glow to your home and it looks great with most other colours. In fact, this tone peach is associated with warmth, youth, and friendship. If you like softer warm colours, then peach is a perfect choice as an accent colour.

So if you're ready to start decorating your home with peach accents, then let's take a look at some inspiration so we can steer you in the right direction.

1. Peach in the hallway

Painting something in your home peach — whether it's a hallway, an accent wall, a chair, or a cabinet — immediately adds warmth to a room in a very unexpected way. We love the way this two-toned peach wall looks, especially with the yellow doorway in the background. As you can see, peach goes wonderfully with all-white walls and simple furniture as well. Paired with plenty of plants, the peach wall really shines here.

2. Peach in the bedroom

Peach is a great colour to use in the bedroom as well. Try using peach bedding or pillows to add vibrance or warmth to the room. Here, the peach is subtle and toned down — using duller peach tones can be a good way to avoid bright colours if you prefer a calm space. Against white, grey, and cream, the peachy tones look rich and regal in this room. Additionally, adding a peach accent wall or headboard can help to tie the warmer tones in a room together.

3. Peach in the dining room

This peach accent wall looks superb in this dining room. Framing a piece of art, the peach tone helps to make it pop and goes well with the mural on the ceiling as well. Notice that the room incorporates a lot of white again, which is the best way to keep a room feeling fresh and bright. However, the addition of navy-coloured dining chairs adds depth and looks rich against the summery shades of the rest of the room.

4. Peach in the kitchen

Yes, you can use peach in the kitchen. Try utilising peach by choosing warm-toned plates to display or adding peach-coloured kitchen accessories like oven mitts. Peach looks especially great with blues or greens, so do add plants when you use peach in a room. Don't be afraid to add other bright colours like light to medium blues or teals, or greys. Also ensure there's enough natural light to keep a peach wall from looking dull.

5. Peach in the living room

Putting peach accents in the room doesn't mean adding stark colour to the room — sometimes, the subtlest of additions can make the biggest impact. Here, the lamp shades are a peachy brown tone, which looks fabulous against the grey-green walls. The simplicity of this shade makes it super versatile, so try experimenting with pops of peach around your home. An interior designer could help you to figure out the best arrangement and where accent colours will work best. It truly is an art!

6. Peach on the exterior

Who would have thought — peach looks great as an exterior colour as well! While this may not be for everyone, peach is a lovely warm tone to use as exterior paint. Another idea to add peach to a yard is to add Adirondack chairs or a peach table — it could be a great look for the approaching summer.

Speaking of summer, add urban jungle vibes to your home with these ideas.

Let's look at more subtle peach decor inspiration.

7. Peach pillow

Adding peach throw pillows is a smart way to bring warmth to your living room.

8. Peach chairs

Peach chairs? Yes, it's actually a fantastic idea. These chairs add a warm glow to the room and a more retro vibe that we love.

9. Peach paint

Again, peach paint adds dimension to a room. And while you don't have to paint the whole room for a sunset glow, we certainly love the way this room feels like a holiday.

10. Peach pouf

For a girl's room, peach is a nice colour to swap out your average pink with — it's softer and the orange tones neutralize the colour more, so you can pair this chair with anything. Try a peachy pouf or lounge chair.

What do you think — would you use peach tones for decor in your home?

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