21 Floral Pattern Designs to Incorporate in Your Home

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Floral patterns are such a classic look for the modern home, and not just for spring! You can incorporate floral patterns in your home all year round. But if the word 'floral' reminds you of stuffy, older homes, then you're not alone. Floral patterns have been recycled through new trends in almost every decade. But that doesn't mean that floral patterns have to fit the retro 70's or Victorian-era style.

Choosing the right floral pattern for your home comes down to colour and size, but also remember to complement your patterns with your solids in each room. You'll want to pick floral patterns that also draw on one of the accent colours of the room so they don't look out of place. Consider sizing, too — a larger floral print may be too bold for you, while others might prefer the funky, retro look of a bold floral. Smaller floral patterns are quieter and may be easier to match with your home.

Whichever type of floral pattern may interest you, we've put together plenty of inspiration for you to get a better idea of how floral patterns can look in a modern home.

1. Floral armchairs

These white floral armchairs with dark legs are simply stunning in this living room.

2. Floral and plaid bedroom

This floral and plaid bedroom looks country — notice how all those colours come together!

3. Black and white floral accent wall

Florals don't have to mean colour. Just look at this accent wall with a bold black and white artistic design.

4. Floral bathroom wallpaper

This bathroom looks so cosy with this floral wallpaper reminding us of cherry blossoms.

5. Bold graphic florals

This bold graphic floral wall is the perfect complement to any home — the burst of colour will add brightness despite the more subtle black background.

6. Floral baby's room

Floral patterns are ideal for a baby's room, but this floral wall is bold, which feels chic, modern, and unexpected.

7. Bright pink floral chair

This armchair is beautifully bright in this room — choose a similar floral pattern to add detail to an otherwise neutral room.

8. Floral headboard

A floral headboard is a subtle way to inject spring into your bedroom decor.

9. Floral wall details

This tiny floral pattern is lovely for wallpaper but would look great as any upholstered furniture as well.

10. Floral paintings and artwork

If you're not ready for a long-term commitment, adding floral paintings and art is a temporary way to give the trend a try.

11. Floral dining room

The dining room tends to be one of those spaces we reserve for more traditional aspects of life — why not add floral patterns for a classic look?

12. Floral decals

Floral decals don't have to be just for the children's room — these wooden-looking flowers make this room shine.

13. Floral library room

If you have a library or simply a space set aside for reading near a bookcase, then a floral patterned wallpaper could fit the space nicely.

14. Double floral patterns

Double up on your floral patterns for a modern boho vibe in any room.

15. Floral patterned pillows

Pillows are always a fun piece to decorate a room with — choose florals for vibrance.

16. Floral table cloth

Again, florals don't have to be permanent. If you don't like artwork, consider adding temporary florals with a piece you can take away later, like a tablecloth or kitchenware.

17. Graphic floral mural

This mural-like accent wall is everything we aspire to this spring — funky, bold, and unapologetic.

18. Painted flower decal

For a truly unique look, try painting a flower decal on your wall. This oversized white flower looks magnificent in this room.

19. Floral outdoor rug

We love the way this rug with a floral birdcage pattern looks in this gazebo-like outdoor space. The cream background keeps it understated.

20. Classic floral paisley print

You really can't go wrong with a classic: this floral paisley print rug never goes out of style and you can find them in every colour scheme.

21. Graphic floral rug

Bold is sometimes better — this large floral print rug is graphic and modern, which makes it look totally chic in this muted grey space.

Now let's look at how to make your home a little cosier.

How would you incorporate floral patterns into the design your home? Would you go for a bold look or are you more of an understated floral pattern ...

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