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13 stunning sofas to suit EVERY taste!

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We can all agree that sofas are a rather important aspect of interior design and furnishings. Almost all homes around the world, no matter the style, family size or geographic location, will have them. And boy, do we have a lot of options to choose from!

Check out our list of thirteen stunning sofas for some quick inspiration of all the possibilities when the time comes to search for a new sofa, or even to fix up an old one! 


Doesn't this sofa make you want to fall into it and never wake up? Grab a worn or used leather sofa, give it some tender love and care, and of course, don't forget to oil it occasionally for a longer lifetime!

The best part about leather is its ability to match almost any home interior design. When it comes to loading on the textiles, the more the merrier—tons of accessories and patterned pillows will look great!

A classic sectional

If you're looking for comfort, cosiness and a family-appropriate classic, look no further than a sectional. Available in a wide range of sizes, colours and upholstery, sectionals offer everything a normal couch can, except they can be great for larger families and those who like to entertain and provide seating for all!

Soft neutrals

Have a great living room full of bold colours? Why not neutralise the effect a little bit with a medium-sized sofa in a lighter colour palette.  

The bold green/blue of this living room is perfectly offset by the matching bold smoking chairs and a netural sofa. However, look at the details—the designer has chosen accent pillows on the couch that match the yellow of the chair set!

Fun & funky

Ready to try something new? Like lots of bright colours in your home to cheer up your guests and those around you? Why not consider a sofa in a fun and funky colour!  

This bright green is quite a daring choice for most, but if you're willing to bring your living room to life with a bright, summer-ready colour scheme, then a bright sofa is the way to go.  Another great option is to choose a bright pastel sofa and accessorise with bold and bright pillows, as seen here.

Take a look at these matching sofas for a more options.


This industrial-style eclectic space has a lot of colours, patterns and mixtures happening. In a living room like this it is important to have one large, bold piece to make the room feel grounded and real. 

 A bold sofa, in a texture similar to that of denim material, was a great choice and the white-washed exposed brick wall in the background really makes it stand out.

Take a look at how this combination indoor/outdoor area is brought to life by a bold and colourful sofa with matching pillows.


Vintage sofas offer those long-lost quirky, yet minimal designs that are hard to find these days. The colour options usually range from olive greens to burnt oranges and plush blues. 

Take note of the colour scheme used here—olive greens, browns and different shades of yellow are perfect together!

Stunning upholstery

Have a sofa that you love but looking for a way to give it a facelift? Why not choose some great upholstery, just like this couch.  

This couch provides a fresh and preppy feel to this light and bright space, and the mixture of subtle colours with the piping on the couch and the matching cushions is just wonderful.

Minimal white

Most homeowners and designers avoid classic, stark-white sofas because of one thing—stains.  A lot of people tend to eat, drink and entertain on their sofas, and this can bring a great cause for concern when it comes to removing food and wine stains. 

We suggest that you don't shy away from white sofas—not only are there plenty of safe stain-removing products on the market, but there are also plenty of materials and textiles you can use when selecting your couch that are stain- or water-resistant!

A comfy combination

A perfect sofa combination is a neutral colour palette, a comfy cushion to fall into and plenty of plush accessories like soft pillows and furry throws, as seen here.  

Your couch should be the place where you can put your feet up and relax after a hard days' work.The mixture of soft and cosy neutrals in this minimalist living room was the perfect design choice to offset the starkness of the interior. 

Lounging sofa

If you're looking for something a bit unique and quirky, yet still functional—look no further than a classic lounging sofa.   

The pale grey neutrals of this room were perfectly chosen to work with the soft, blue velvet of the lounge sofa. With a pair of pillows and a furry throw you can't go wrong.

Scandinavian-inspired leather

CASA TRANSPORTABLE ÁPH80 ÁBATON Arquitectura Living room
ÁBATON Arquitectura


ÁBATON Arquitectura

The leather sofa pictured before was perfect for a rustic or eclectic-style room—however, if you're searching for a more refined look, why not combine the simplistic and classic look of Scandinavian furniture with leather? 

This shade of brown leather is perfect for neutral rooms and if you're looking for something a bit more bold then combine a neutral living room with a darker-shade of brown leather!

Wonderfully eclectic

Plush, functional, minimal, and a tad  eclectic, this sofa is near perfect! The soft grey-blue velvet of the sofa provides comfort and cosiness and its sectional-style means it can fit quite a few people comfortably.  

Without the accessory pillows this sofa might seem too stark, yet the combination of olive green and yellow pillows really pulls everything together!

Patterns & textures

Lastly, don't be scared to work with great patterns and textures on your sofa and within your living room in general. It can be a daunting task to use patterns and especially if you've made the decision to use more than one, really think about how they will work together and make sure the colour schemes perfectly combine, but aren't too matchy-matchy!

Want a bit more living room inspiration? Check out these ways to make a living room feel warm and cosy!

What are some of your favourite sofa designs? Tell us more by commenting below!
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