16 leather chairs and armchairs that will take your decor to a next level

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Leather chairs are timeless and stylish — they're an obvious choice for an upscale look. But there are more benefits to leather furniture. If you want your armchair to get even more comfortable as it ages, then leather is a great choice. It's made to become more supple as it's worn in over time, and it's durable enough to resist fading. Leather is also usually of exceptional quality and won't easily peel or crack like other materials might. It's also easy to clean with just a few wipes, and it's long-lasting so you won't need to replace your chairs for a while.

If you think the benefits warrant a higher cost, consider leather chairs or armchairs. While you may have to put more money in initially, leather is an investment worth making.

1. Grey dining room

These grey leather chairs fit in nicely in this dining room. With a neutral like grey, you can easily add more colour to the room or keep it minimal and decorate only during the holidays. The cutout on the back of the chairs add an interesting detail but they'll still be comfortable because of the high back.

2. Brown and funky

These funky slightly low-back chairs match the unique look of this room. Opting for neutrals like brown can be a good choice if you want other areas of the room to shine, like the walls, a piece of artwork, a rug, or a coffee table.

3. Regal dining room

These dark brown glossy chairs look great in this dining room. With a regal silhouette, these chairs are simple but add dimension to the room. Plus, leather chairs are comfortable enough to survive a long meal, even in this long hall.

4. Dark and dimensional

These dark leather chairs add dimension to the room — don't be afraid to choose darker colours when it comes to leather. While lighter leathers can be pretty, darker leathers look rich and luxurious.

5. Leather bench

If you want to forgo a usual leather chair in favor of something different, try adding a leather bench to your living room. It's a good option for guests or putting your feet up after a long day.

6. Soft and suede

Leather doesn't have to mean glossy — suede chairs a nice option if you like a softer material. Suede is also more casual, and would look lovely in a western-themed home.

7. Large armchair

For tired arms, pick out a chair with oversized arms. This glossy brown leather armchair screams luxury and urban. Perfect for placing by a large window.

8. Classic armchair

This classic armchair shape looks marvelous in leather — if you're an introvert, you won't want to leave this spot all day, especially because that leather is so comfy!

9. Leather wingback

A wingback chair is a fun choice if you like a lot of support. Whether at your desk or in your living room, this leather chair will be plenty comfortable.

10. Light leather armchair

This armchair has barely there arms that won't get in your way (if bulky armchairs aren't your thing!).

11. Leather recliner

What could be more relaxing than a leather recliner? Featuring soft, supple leather, arms for resting, and a footrest, this chair will de-stress you no matter what you're going through.

12. Leather rolling chair

When you need to get moving, find a chair that can get you there. This leather rolling chair would be a fantastic option for an office.

13. Stylish leather chair

Another classic look, this black leather chair looks effortlessly stylish in this living room. We'd love to sit and read a book there.

14. Brown library chair

Leather chairs are the ideal complement to a library or bookcase — there's simply no comfier place to sit and read a good book.

15. Leather highchair

Leather can translate to the kitchen. Getting leather highchairs can be a good option for you if you like to entertain guests or want to upgrade your old stools.

16. Leather living room

Consider leather for your living room furniture if you want durability, a stylish look, and a piece that you can use again and again.

We love the look of classic leather armchairs. Do you own a leather chair or would you consider buying leather armchairs in the future?

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