12 incredible garden water features that will leave you wanting more

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To borrow the words of Heinrich Heine, “Like a great poet, nature produces the greatest results with the simplest means, here are simply a sun, flowers, water and love.” Those who are privileged to have a house set in a small but beautiful parkland can beautify it further by introducing water features suitable for the space.

A water feature will add a new dimension and introduce a serene charm to your garden as well as your home. Today we will share with you some exquisite water features that are sure to inspire you to action—soon you'll be building a similar water feature in your garden, too!

Floating sundeck

This small garden pond adds immense beauty to the surrounding. A sundeck occupies its banks. A floating deck with dining facilities can be observed too. Build a decorative water feature like this and take time out to sit and enjoy the cool breeze during the summer months.

Circular water tank with fountains

The Pavilion, London Bowles & Wyer Modern style gardens
Bowles & Wyer

The Pavilion, London

Bowles & Wyer

Feng shui considers water as one of the key elements and highly essential to build a well balanced home. According to feng shui, water promotes clarity of mind and enhances communication skills. 

When you have only a small garden, you can use a tiny but stylish pond to augment its charm. Bowles & Wyer used a striking circular water tank with fountains to decorate this garden.

Tea garden water reservoir

Enatsu Garden Architect placed a chozubachi or boulder rock with a hole in the centre. This acts as a water reservoir in Japanese tea gardens. Water is supplied through a bamboo pipe. Instead of a chozubachi, you can consider placing a tsukubai or wash basin for the same purpose.

Fountains in garden

To create an inviting backyard, why not consider installing a fountain in the middle or strategically set it in one of the sides? They can be designed according to the style you want to and give a most opulent finish to your garden. Fountains also tend to attract lots of birds and double up as a bird bath.

Water basin in the backyard

Stylise your garden with a narrow water basin like this. Its size and design can be customised according to the available space. Decorate the edges with potted plants, colourful seasonal flowers and shrubs. You can use fragrant Murraya, rosy Photinia or Alternanthera to decorate the edges.

Natural garden pond

Lakeside Garden, Cheshire Barnes Walker Ltd
Barnes Walker Ltd

Lakeside Garden, Cheshire

Barnes Walker Ltd

A country style home would benefit from having a natural garden pond full of aquatic plant species and animals. This does not include predatory species, fungi or algae that would cause harm to your pond ecosystem. A large pond lined with vibrant lilies and bougainvillea would create a most lavish backyard for your residence or holiday cottage.

Infinity lily pond

An infinity pool is something that fascinates almost everyone. But do you know you can also build an infinity pool filled with lily or lotus blooms and decorated with other aquatic plant species? Surely, we need not tell you about the gorgeous beauty of a backyard stylised with a lily pond that seems to kiss the blue sky above?

Meditating by a stream

Country Family Garden With Oriental Water Garden Cherry Mills Garden Design Asian style gardens
Cherry Mills Garden Design

Country Family Garden With Oriental Water Garden

Cherry Mills Garden Design

Take a cue from Cherry Mills Garden Design, the brains behind this scenic garden stream. Create a tranquil meditation space for yourself and your family beside a narrow stream. Even sitting there for a couple of hours in the morning or late in the evening would relieve you from the stresses and anxieties of the day.

Japanese style water feature

With a wholly unique look, a Japanese garden pond creates a beautiful setting for a relaxing backyard. This one is complete with a pool, fish pond and sundeck. A pretty sight to behold, a prettier sight to enjoy in one’s own garden.

Fish pond

A fish pond can be accommodated in a small space or big. You can also build a fish pond around your fountain. Leave koi or colourful goldfish in the water and watch them enjoy the cool splashes of your backyard water feature.

Flavours of the tropics

It is one of the most common water features seen in many modern residential premises. They have a functional side and add value to your home. 

The swimming pool complex can double up as an outdoor entertainment space and party area. Like this Brazilian home, it can simply be used for gaining valuable exercise and relaxation.

Straight from a picture book

See this charming water feature in a small garden. It almost looks like one of Henri Rousseau’s paintings. The only difference is it is real and not imaginary, and it can be replicated in your backyard too. For nature lovers, there could hardly be a finer proposition than sitting in a stunning backyard decorated in this fashion.

Want to be around water 24/7? Why not consider a floating house? See some of our tips here.

Which of these water features did you find most attractive? Let us know in the comments section below!

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