Break All Rules: 21 Images to Mix Patterns And Colours Like A Pro

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When we have different moods at different times of the day, why do we need to stick to one pattern or colour theme throughout the house or maybe even a room? The cool thing about doing up your home yourself is the freedom to experiment with these very colours and patterns

That said, using different patterns and colours for your rooms can be quite intimidating and overwhelming because there's so much to choose from. However, there are a few basic rules and some insider hacks that will get you through the fundamentals of mixing patterns and colours like a pro. Then on, you can play with patterns and colour mixes into your spaces to bring out an edge, your own personal style and add character to a given space. There are many designers working beautifully with patterns as they use a variety of materials like the natural texture of wood, the geometry in tiles, textures in fabrics, all these in a wide variety of colours. Here are 21 inspiring images for you to learn the tricks of mixing patterns and colours like a professional and truly channel your vibe!

1. A neutral base

One of the rules while mixing colours and patterns is t have a neutral colour on the walls and floor running through the room on which you can go for bold coloured pieces and patterns. Such as this living room The yellow chairs and sofa stand out while the centre wall is a textured one providing a range of patterns and dimension to the entire room.

2. Find inspiration in one big pattern or colour

An easy trick is to have one big pattern or colour as the focus of your room and find other pieces that complement and add style to it. In this bedroom, the geometric tiles are the focal point and the orange sofa, the yellow and white cushions and the throw all come together to create a unique style of the room.

3. Perfect blend of colours and patterns

Those who love bright colours and patterns are in for a treat in this doorway. The patterns are on just the tiles and colour blocking on the wall, cupboard and the door is just the right mix of pattern and colour produces a visual both simple and interesting.

4. Scales and colours

This bedroom has very minimal furniture but look at the interest created just through patterns of different scales. The big bold blue pattern of the wallpaper is in complete contrast to the tiny details on the rug. The neutral tone of the rest of the room balances the bold colours and patterns.

5. Combine neutrals with colour

The monotony of living and dining room decoration mostly in shades of grey and white is beautifully broken with the ironwood furniture, coloured canvas, geometric patterns on the cushions and chair.

6. Be bold with bold artwork

Don't shy away from having big and colourful pieces of art on the walls and chairs in popping orange. balance it out with neutral seating to fill up space.

7. A cocktail of colours and textures

The drawing room is made sunnier with the use of yellow on the rug, and turquoise on the sofa. Graphic and geometric patterns have also been used for additional impact and to give the room a more 21st-century feel. Various textures and hard surfaces have been used to give the room additional lift, such as velvet, wool, lacquer, brass and marble. A lovely play of colours, textures and patterns produces an inviting cocktail of colours in this sunny looking living room.

8. For small spaces

An interesting study space has been created with geometric patterns, and colours in frames. this can be easily recreated in any small space.

9. Multiple hues in the kitchen

This kitchen has iconic bold prints with classic wooden cupboards in white and brown resulting in a is a pretty cool, classy, and tastefully done space.

10. A centre of interest in the room

You can also go for having a singular point of focus in the room, especially if the room is big. Like here, the focus is the patterned rug and the artwork on the wall with the rest of the details forming the background from which patterns and colours rise in contrast.

11. Patterns in different scales

An evocative British colonial look is created in this bathroom with the black and white geometric patterns floor tiling. The shower curtains in another geometric pattern and scale provide a break to the pattern on the floor. The simple white tiles on white walls and white doors make the room serene and welcoming.

12. Have fun with colours and patterns

This terrace has been designed as a template for finding inspiration to mixing patterns and colours! There is a lot going on but it all looks like a natural extension of the personality and style of the owners. The handmade cement pigment tiles with geometric patterns and the basket table are certainly the winners here.

13. Create a balance

In complete contrast to the terrace, this bathroom creates the perfect balance while working with patterns and colours. The geometric pattern on the floor is the biggest pattern used here, the antique wooden chair creates a rustic feel, and the towel's pop of colours works beautifully together to create an interesting but calming space.

14. White with bold colours and patterns

The simplest route to take is to go with white and have fun with bold colours and pieces for the floor, seating, artwork and greens. Look at this beautiful living room as an example.

15. Mix materials and textures

Here a great mix is created by using different materials for the ceiling, walls, flooring, and even with the pieces of furniture giving the room a lot of depth and character.

16. Focus on one material and pattern

The bamboo ceiling itself has two different beautiful and natural patterns and is the center of attention in this room.

17. Create a no-fuss pattern with wallpapers

Probably the simplest and easiest way to add patterns to a given space is through wallpapers. Look at this geometric pattern for the dining room for instance. It creates a great visual effect but what is used is just a single wallpaper.

18. Minimal and eccentric

Here, we see the combination of the minimal and the eccentric. The main decoration comes from the timber, with its intricate grain patterns and variations of colour provides plenty of visual stimulation.

19. Classic mix of colours and materials

A great combination of taste, design and colours, this living room has eclectic decor concept and striking colours as the central feature. The exposed brick wall, classic leather sofas and wooden table produce visual stimulation with their different patterns and textures in a similar colour tone.

20. Patterns in a neutral space

This living room is a perfect example of visual stimulation through patterns in minimalist decor. The open plan has furniture with curves, giving rise to a different composition. The living room has a beautiful effect created because of the light of the sun that comes through the blinds of residence.

21. A colour fest

As we said, break all rules with colour and patterns, here is an example. If eclectic, bold colour and boho-chic are your styles show it off in your space like in this living room.

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Which of these visual inspirations on mixing colours and patterns did you like the most? We'd love to know!

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