20 Impressive Exteriors That Breathe Grandeur

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We are too wary of our home interiors, paying little heed to what comprises the dialogue of our home with the rest of the world! Our minds keep getting confused with the innumerable bunch of options that surround us whenever we start to think of exterior paint colors. Let’s accept it: it is a daunting task, to say the least! The main obstacle in the path of making decisions in relation to choosing exterior paint colors is the notion of permanence attached to it. Sure, you can’t shuffle the wall colors as radically as you can swap and shift the interior design of your rooms. 

But keep this simple tip in mind: if the interiors of your home reflect your personality, the exterior paints exude the first impression. This is the reason I curated this list of 20 grand and eloquent exteriors, all of which will organically fit your palette of creativity and interior design plans. Check them out.

1. The Medieval Remembrance

The titled, tiled roof, with the bricks laid in a seemingly random assortment of shapes and sizes looks so elegant, and we thought it would be best to delve a bit more attention to its different exteriors.

2. A continuation of the grandeur

Just adjacent to the beautiful brick walls, this hint of a modern design stands and creates a signature of its own. The contrast of the colors is what appeals to the eyes.

3.… settled in a serene neighbourhood where green dominates the earth!

This short series is for those readers where they may face painting restrictions. Seeking this entire idea may blend perfectly in a neighbourhood despite other contrasting & modern designs standing side by side.

4. Right into the 60’s!

A simple grand welcome with a hint of the ember days of the previous century, the 1960s! The interplay of the different shades of brown is reminiscent of the warmth.

5. The Elegant Hollywood Farm House

How do you feel about a terrific time warp altogether? Like in the quaint neighbourhoods of Midwest, these shades of exterior paint color can ooze out exactly what you are looking for.

6. The simple wonder of stones and a poised splash of creativity

You might like to wonder at the simplicity involved in this exterior wall design. It is minimalist and cost effective. 

7. In a home of glass

Often a simple white goes a long way in establishing a message. The walls of glass further assert dominance within the landscape as well as protrude the white shade even more.

8. The Keatsian Point of View

I included it in the list to take you closer to the feeling that comes from having a grand window that overlooks the city.

9. The Multi-Coloured Exterior

The red and brown of the bricks emote differently while the portion of the exterior paint colors underneath take you to a different world.

10. A deeper look to the intricacy involved

Also, have a look at the shapes, lines, and the complete absence of curves that have been used alongside a rare choice of exterior paint colors to create a signature.

11. The Oriental Touch

An elegant choice when it comes to going minimalist and simple. If you are looking for more such designs that embrace their minimalist existence, you would love to check out this list of professional designers and painters

12. Into the land of James Joyce!

The red exterior surpasses the original woody exterior in the beauty of its appeal and lets you transcend to another period of peace and joy!

13. The Modern Look

This is a grand exterior for a bungalow or even a duplex. The warm yellow blends perfectly with its surroundings, which is also congruent with the stark and perpendicular appearance of the overall structure. Homify is the seminal storehouse of all such beautiful exteriors adorned with elegant interior designs.

14. You-Next-Door!

This exterior paint color and style seems like a slice of any Hollywood rom-com, a distinct feel-good and optimistic appearance that you can also consider. Notice how the perpetual blandness glows in the sunlight.

15. The Forgotten Elegance of Madame Bovary

When it comes to hitting on nostalgia, a combination of crimson and green with a mix of multiple windows is the best choice. 

16.… and its graceful sunshine!

Such elegant exteriors will only hide the beauty of curved walls matching up to the ceilings inside.

17. The Effect of the Blue

Nothing matches in grandeur when your exterior paint color resembles the sky. Even if your home isn’t magnanimous, playing with different shades of blue is always fun!

18. The Brown, the White & The Green

How about mixing large tracts of white and a brown tiled roof and placing it amidst all the glory of nature? Check out this beautiful exterior and ponder on the choice.

19. The Professional Look

Closely resembling the modern look in many aspects, you can have an eye out for such designs in apartments surrounded by greenery to this extent. The yellow exterior is versatile.

20. A peek into its interiors…

Here we look deeper into how each apartment extends to a grass-darted rooftop, keeping the fires of travelling alive every single day at your home. If you want more such greener designs that echo the primitive longing inside you, check out this wonderful ideabook of urban jungle style.

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