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7 key characteristics of a fascinating hallway

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A welcoming hallway can infinitely increase the beauty of your home. This is the first area where guests step in. A stylish hallway creates instant impressions in the minds of the strangers. And why only consider the outsiders? Don’t you yourself like to step into a charming hall every time you come back to your home from short trips or long?

Feng shui also insists on decorating an inviting hallway. A hall that vibrates with positive energy ensures the wellbeing of the family. Since your hallway sets the tone for the entire house, we will see how to give it a charming makeover.

Wall décor

Meticulously decorated walls enormously increase the charm of your hall. Whether you have a small hallway or a large one, beautiful walls effortlessly transform the interior of your home. Since most apartments nowadays have tiny halls, decorating them with lots of accessories becomes very difficult. Wall décor, however, is something that is easy to employ.

You can use wallpapers with subtle patterns, a strikingly different shade of paint that is in harmony with the rest of the space, or wall panels to decorate the interior. For a small space, keep it understated. Also, instead of coating every wall in bright shades, try to glam up the feature wall.

Hall table

This could be considered an indispensable item for every hallway that boasts a reasonable amount of space. You can select a stand-alone circular table to glamourise the focal point of your hallway or place an elegant hall table against the wall. The latter is very useful when available space is hard to come by.

Instead of hall tables, you can also decorate the space with recycled benches or wall mounted shelves. Either option would look gorgeous when decorated tastefully with a handful of accessories like a flower vase, candles or table lamp.

Mirror, mirror…

This is a smart of way of creating a chic hallway for any home. Use framed mirrors or unframed ones. Contemporary houses may benefit from using the latter. Remember, using big mirrors can also help you to open up a small space. 

Do not shy away from experimenting with shapes. You could use a set of small framed mirrors to decorate this space, or play with different frames to create a reflective mirror wall.

Lighting fixtures

Proper lighting plays a very important role in cheering up a hallway. In most traditional structures halls tend to occupy the northern corner, which receives less amount of natural light than the other parts of the building. To give a feeling of comfort and drive away any looming darkness, ensure you have sufficient lighting for this space.

With their decorative presence, graceful pendant lighting, chandelier and table lamps or floor lamps can induce geniality in the atmosphere. Laura Yerpes Estudio de Interiorismo decorated this hall using a table lamp and a dramatic pendant lighting fixture by Enrico Franzolini and Vicente Garcia Jimenez.

Seating arrangement

It is better to have proper seating arrangements in your hallway. This additional space opens up the opportunity of entertaining a few visitors. 

Sometime, after a long walk or a tedious day’s work, this tastefully decorated space can provide a brief zone for respite. You can use stylishly upholstered benches, a cosy couch, or a couple of chairs for this purpose.

Spread a beautiful rug

This is a surefire way of increasing the beauty of the interior and keeping the dust off from the other parts of the building. 

Moreover, by spreading a classic or modern area rug, you can easily add a blanket of comfort to the feet. An inviting hallway would also enjoy the presence of a runner rug or organic mat at its centre.

Introduce greenery

Not often do we consider this time-tested method of stylising a delightful hallway. Introduce greenery to keep your interior atmosphere cleaner and more refreshing. Create an atrium like this home designed by RDL Arquitectura.

When such structural modifications are not possible, use potted plants to decorate this space. You can cultivate a mini Zen garden in this area as well. Embrace nature in the interior of your home; ensure the wellbeing of your family.

Want to know how to arrange your plants? See some beautiful planters for your indoor garden.

Learn about some fabulous ceiling finishes for your home.

How do you prefer to decorate your hallway? Let us know your thoughts and opinions on hall decor in the comments section below.
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