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Offices of the 21st century

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With so much of our time spent in the office, it is sometimes hard to imagine not having to wake up everyday to be there.  Work often consumes our lives, and it can feel like every waking hour is spent at our desks, plugging away.  However much time we do spend at work, it is nice to know that our workplace is a comfortable environment; a space we enjoy spending time in, and a place conducive to work and productivity.

The old notion of a very structured workplace, with set hours and a bland office environment has (thankfully) slowly broken down. With the introduction of the internet, many people work from home, or can work their own hours. Companies have realised the importance of taking care of their employees, and making them feel as comfortable as possible at work, in order for them to be happy, which, as a consequence, increases productivity levels. Companies such as Google and Soundcloud have created workplaces that everybody wants to work in, with nap rooms, cafes, and many activities in order for employees to be happier, more productive, and to help inspire creativity. So today, we are going to take you inside some office spaces which have done away with the old and dull stereotype of endless rows of grey cubicles, and have introduced work spaces that are bright, airy, and a little more interesting than how you may envision a typical office floor.

Illustration wall

About as far away from a typical 90's office as it could be, this modern working space is sure to keep anybody lucky enough to call this their work environment on task and happy to be there at the same time. Ample use of natural light from the large windows is just the beginning, with high ceilings, large downlights, and the unmissable illustrations on the wall. Be it an illustrators studio, a co-working space, or even any type of office environment, a space as lively as this will keep workers on task, with no complaints.

The reception

From a client or customer point of view, the reception of an office could be said to be the most important area. This is the first thing the client will see when they walk into your business, and as they say, first impressions count. It is essential that this area is bright, open, and full of warm welcoming faces. This reception desk sits at front of this wide open entrance, giving the impression there is nothing to hide from this business.

Interesting interiors

Looking more like a 16th century cathedral than a 21st century office, this old church has been converted into a large co-working space, consisting of a number of rooms and offices. One cannot deny the beauty of the roof and walls of this area, and we're sure nobody could complain too much during the day when you are surrounded by such history and beauty.

Inspirational quotes

An office like no other, this bright and fun environment is sure to keep workers on point. As you can see, large neon walls illuminate the whole room, sharing inspirational quotes to help you through those afternoon slumps and kick you back into action.

Minimal distractions

On the other hand, some business are taking a different approach, decorating their work environments in a minimalist design. This could be beneficial for creative minds, who wish to have no distractions in order for creativity to run free. Many homes are designed in a minimalist theme, and as you can see, a work environment looks just as special styled in this way.

Chill zone

Nobody knows better the importance of having somewhere to escape to for chill time at work than Soundcloud, who in their new Berlin office, have introduced nap rooms, a number of lounging areas, and this small library and reading space. This is a great spot to take a ten minute break from your computer, rest your eyes and just relax. Reading is a great way to help recharge your brain, and escape the four edges of your monitor.


Another important room of large corporation's offices is the cafeteria. Companies are putting a huge emphasis on their eating rooms of businesses for a number of reasons. Knowing all too well the need to serve healthy food, large businesses are ensuring their employees don't go without, and are served healthy meals at work to ensure the brain is charged in order to stay focused. Coming to work every day knowing you can eat the food you enjoy is a big plus for any employee. As everybody has to eat, companies are taking advantage of this room to encourage conversation and interaction, and of course, to promote creativity and to help brainstorm ideas.

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