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6 easy tips for a cool home this summer

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As the weather warms up and summer approaches, some of that springtime enthusiasm can begin to wane with the realisation that the heat won’t quit for the next few months. Sometimes, it can even leave you feeling wary about what you wished for during the wintertime. 

While the beautiful sunshine, lush vegetation, and increased daylight hours are wonderful elements of the summer months, managing the sweltering heat that comes with it is a real concern. Luckily, there are plenty of options for effectively cooling your home, and we’re certain there is a strategy to implement for any living circumstance no matter your budget. It’s time to say goodbye to sweaty brows and frizzy hair! Here are six of our favourite methods for keeping your home cool this summer.

Use fans and air conditioning

When these structural adjustments aren’t enough, your home might be in need of a little technical support. We suggest trying out a ceiling fan before going for a more drastic solution like installing a central air conditioning system, especially if your home is old. 

A centrally located ceiling fan can have a remarkable impact on lowering the temps inside your home. Still, if you have to choose between air conditioning units, we do recommend the central system because it won’t infringe on your interior design scheme like a window unit would, and they are more effective in evenly cooling the home.

For more seasonal tips, check out this guide to creating a summer oasis in even the tiniest apartment

Shading: shade walls and windows with plants

While windows are great for ventilation, they certainly welcome in the rays of an exceedingly hot summer sun. Therefore, curtains or some kind of shading mechanism are probably in order for your home. 

However, curtains heavy enough to blot out the sun can create a stuffy feeling in the home. Instead, try using plants to shade both walls and windows. This will keep things feeling fresh and earthy.

Choose the right windows for maximum ventilation

Of course, one of the oldest and most intuitive means of cooling the home is by ensuring that it is properly ventilated. This is just as important as keeping your home well insulated during the winter months. 

One of the simplest ways to ventilate your home is with the right windows. There are tons of possibilities out there, but sliding windows like the ones in this kitchen are particularly popular right now.

Get a pond: evaporative cooling!

Wondering how you can kick your garden up a notch? Adding a pond, water feature, or splash pool like this one by Tabata Sekkei Architects  is an easy way to create an oasis of coolness in your home without having to invest in an air conditioning system. 

Plus, the sounds of trickling water offer an air of tranquillity to your yard and ponds can help attract local wildlife to it. You could even go all out and get a table-top water feature for indoors!

Air movement: maximise cross-ventilation

Courtyard House - East Dulwich Designcubed Modern style balcony, porch & terrace

Courtyard House — East Dulwich


Get the most out of your windows and the cool air created from the water feature in your yard by creating a good system of cross-ventilation. 

You can achieve the breezy effects of cross-ventilation simply by making sure that there are openings on either side of a given room for the air to flow in and out of it. This is one reason why many homes in places with hotter climates include courtyards.

High ceilings: heat rises

The value of high ceilings extends far beyond their aesthetic worth. High ceilings will undoubtedly keep things feeling cooler at the ground level because heat rises. 

This may be something to consider if you are thinking of extending your living space with a mezzanine. Otherwise, the cooling benefits of opting for a high ceiling are seriously worth considering. Not to mention, high ceilings offer a whole new world of decorative opportunities. 

What are your top tips for keeping cool when it's hot? Let us know in the comments section!
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