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9 breathtaking bathrooms that EVERYONE will adore

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LEICHT Küchen AG Modern style bathrooms
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Bathrooms are a small, yet functional, area of any home. You typically start and end your day in them and privacy, functionality and hygiene are of the utmost concern. 

All of this doesn't mean you should put the design and layout of your bathroom on the back burner. From sleek, minimalist bathrooms to those that are comfy and cosy, we have several bathroom inspirations to get you started on the right foot!


Rustic decor with modern appliances and fixtures can be a great way to use a multiplicity of materials and create a dynamic look. Take a look at how this bathroom combined rustic tiles and a raw-wood vanity and shelving system, as well as modern appliances and a clean white wall colour to create a perfect mixture of both styles. 


Sleek, modern and clean. This bathroom has used dark slate tiles everywhere, combined with white accessories and appliances.  There are only a few decorative items in this bathroom and they make all the difference. For an über modern space, why not install a towel warmer?


You won't need a lot of decorative items if you use your surroundings and various materials to create a minimalist bathroom. The glass infrastructure of this space with the surrounding interior gardens has created a sleek and minimalist environment—where the bathtub and flat-screen TV are at the center of your attention.


Drummonds Case Study: European Retreat, Denmark Drummonds Bathrooms Scandinavian style bathrooms
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummonds Case Study: European Retreat, Denmark

Drummonds Bathrooms

People might ask, what exactly is a Scandinavian bathroom? Well, it usually uses eclectic fixtures and items and a stark white base colour. This bright and welcoming bathroom has multiple items and fixtures that allow the natural light to infiltrate the space. From the exposed pipe towel holder, metallic bathtub and glistening tile floor—everything works together to create a minimalist yet eclectic space.


Colonial bathrooms are beautiful, grand and elegant. They are also perfect if you're living in an older home or in an older apartment.  Raw wood floors, all-white interiors, high ceilings and an intricate chandelier create the perfect colonial space.


Warm colours, exposed raw materials and simplicity are all part of the Mediterranean style.  The goal with a bathroom like this is to show character while remaining hygienic and welcoming.


This industrial-style bathroom is one of our favourites! From the glass subway tiles, mixture of textures and colours and exposed copper piping, this is the essence of the industrial style.

The tile work here is done by Nais—click through to check out more of their intricate and modern tile designs.


This is undoubtedly the kind of bathroom most of us have.  A mixture of random tiles, fixtures, colours and materials. This is also why the eclectic style is one of the easiest to replicate or create.  With eclectic bathrooms, mix unique tiles, wall tiles and fixtures together to create a visually dynamic space.


Almost always considered both modern and minimalist, the Asian style is for those looking for a dramatic way to celebrate modernism.  The use of intricate materials, colours and textures all play a role here and with fixtures you can almost consider industrial-style as well. Stick with warm neutrals to differentiate the space from a modern or Scandinavian feel.

Want to get the look? Find out how to make the most of your bathroom!

What's your favourite bathroom style and why? Tell us more by commenting below!
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