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10 apartments that perfected modern bohemian style

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Put away that Batik print wallpaper. Bohemian style has had an upgrade.

No longer a jumble of clutter and bright colour, the new boho interiors emphasise high style and design as much as free living and a cavalier attitude to proper seating arrangements. 

A few characteristics remain—these homes are still eco-conscious, piled high with books and feature trailing knots of ivy and other potted plants—but the overall aesthetic has been refined and polished, allowing subtle influences from other design trends to intermingle with and inspire the development of boho style. Let's take a look at some of the top picks…

Rustic accents

Quiet and composed, this living and dining area isn't quite the riot of colour we expected! Rich amber wood and white walls dominate this space, and the furniture is a mishmash of retro finds and high design.

Texture is the key component that pulls the boho elements of this room together. The contrasts of rough wood and smooth, plush rugs and tough, reedy floor mats, pristine white bookshelves and scuffed old chairs tell the onlooker that this is not your average living room.

Neat Scandi stylings

This tiny living room plays with Scandinavian and boho elements to create a muted yet visually stimulating space. Oriental patterns and ornate carved furniture have been ignored, but bold bohemian colours get a look-in thanks to the pops of yellow that break up the black and white design scheme.

Striking modern art hangs in mismatched frames, and a huge potted tree dominates the space—it's boho, but not as we know it!

An airy work space

This space makes the most of the stunning wooden parquetry by combining elements of the past and present into one bright and airy room.

Books and towering palms are stacked against the far wall, and a sumptuous leather recliner and stool sit awkwardly aside a couple of hyper-modern white chairs. This hybrid works by sharpening up the messier aspects of boho style, while still allowing creativity to roam free.

Time for tea

A Space To Relax In House Envy Living room
House Envy

A Space To Relax In

House Envy

Cool colours and soft, chic pelts rule this social corner. The foundations of the room lean towards classic minimalism—stark white walls and organised shelves are a dead giveaway—but the space is given a Nordic boho makeover thanks to the addition of stylish wicker furniture, geometric modern art and fur throws aplenty.

A terrace like no other

This partially enclosed terrace is the perfect place to while away summer evenings with friends, discussing philosophy, religion, and life. 

The boho elements here are small but prominent—a hanging oriental pendant lamp, birds of paradise cushions, and a sprawling cowskin rug shake up this sparse space just enough, without venturing into the overkill zone.

Small and eclectic

Now this is how you do boho on a miniature scale! 

These homeowners had the right idea when they chose earthy, natural colours that could be found on the inside of a nomadic caravan, and paired them with bold textiles, a brightly woven rug, and a riot of art in circular frames on the feature wall.

Refined but unrestrained

Bohemian style grows up in this darkly refined living room. A high wooden ceiling holds recessed mood lighting, which pools light onto selected areas of the couch.

Long grey drapes create intrigue and provide shade from the hot sun. The sofa and coffee table might look contemporary, but just look at that faintly oriental pattern on the large area rug, the hanging plant in the corner, and the printed pouffee by the window—these designers have let boho vibes invade this space on the sly!

Unusual angles

The bohemians of old sometimes used mind-altering substances to help them expand their world view and consciousness—it looks like someone might have done the same here! 

Thankfully, this boho industrial space merely nods to the surreal instead of embracing it completely—the pared-down concrete floor and exposed brick wall counteract the crazy of the off-kilter shelving and large copper hanging planter.

A balcony for reflection

A bohemian interior design scheme needs a bohemian mindset to match! Extend your decor out onto your terrace, where you can indulge in long nights with an assortment of esteemed intellectuals (or just your friends and family!), eating and conversing under the glow of the moon.

Low seating, an abundance of pillows and easy-to-move pouffees are the idea accoutrements for a very bohemian balcony. Just add a curtain of trailing ivy…

Quietly aspirational

This modest creative work space embodies the very best of modern boho design. Pitching the perfect balance between tradition and trend, the designers have incorpotated vintage artworks, retro furniture and tonal green shelving into a mismatched but totally cohesive place to focus and learn. 

We wish all apartments could look so effortlessy boho chic. Now, where can we find a giant indoor plant… ?

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What is your opinion on boho style? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!
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