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How to sew curtains without using a needle and thread

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Window treatments are one of the simplest, fastest, most transformative means of enhancing a given interior. They can liven up a rental apartment, add pizzazz to a dull colour scheme, or help your interiors to transition from season to season. Of course, curtains also give you control over the amount of sunlight your home receives, and they can even help to keep things cooler during the summer months.

Did you know that they are also incredibly easy to make? Creating your own curtains is a DIY project even the most creatively challenged person can manage. In fact, to make them, you don’t need to sew a single stitch! With this guide, you can tie the look of your room together with a new set of curtains made without using a needle and thread.

The choice of textiles

To start, it’s best to consider the various textile options available for making your window treatments. Virtually any fabric will work. 

Heavier textiles, however, will typically require a bit more reinforcement for hanging the curtains without sewing, but with the right implements, it’s totally doable. Otherwise, feel free to explore and experiment with different textiles, colours, and patterns.

Prepping & tools

Now that we’ve covered some textile basics, it’s time to prep the workstation. It’s best to clear a large table surface for the project since you’ll be working with a good deal of fabric. As for tools, everyone will need fabric, scissors, and a ruler or measuring tape. 

There are two ways to adhere the curtains to the rod. The first is with clips that come in a variety of sizes, and the second is with fusible tape. For those who opt for the latter option, an iron will also be necessary.

Choose a material

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Ankatta linen curtain panel

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Since virtually any type of fabric could work for this project, the type of textile you ultimately use is entirely up to you! 

The most important thing when it comes to choosing fabric is that you have the right equipment for hanging them. Let us recommend pairing heavier fabric with larger curtain clips and lighter varieties with smaller ones or fusible tape.

Ironing strap to crochet

While curtain clips are attached to metal loops that you can simply slide onto the curtain rod, fusible tape will require you to make the rod pocket yourself. No worries—it’s quite simple to do. Take the fusible tape and place it about 5cm below the edge of your fabric, and then fold this fabric over the tape. 

Next, all you have to do is iron it to create your rod pocket! Remember that your curtain rod might have a larger circumference, in which case you simply have to adjust accordingly by moving the tape further from the edge of your fabric.

How to attach the curtains

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Blue Ombre curtains and cushions by Lovely Home Idea


Once you’ve fastened your curtain hardware to the wall with the help of a drill or hammer and nails it’s time to hang the curtains! With curtain clips, all you need to do is clip the top of the fabric at equal intervals in order to secure it in place. 

Next, just slide the metal rings at the top of the clip through the curtain rod. For those who went with the fusible tape, slide the curtain rod through the tape and place the ends of the rod into the hardware.

The results!

Voila! You now have a set of gorgeous new curtains to transform the look of your interiors. It’s a bit addicting isn’t it? Well, fortunately this simple project can be replicated as many times as you have windows.

DIY curtains make changing your decorative schemes as easy and affordable as can be.

For more DIY ideas, check out these 9 DIY projects to do this weekend. Happy decorating! 

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