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Before and after: 5 kitchens magically transformed!

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The  kitchen is usually one of the messiest and dirtiest rooms of the house. To add to it, kitchen appliances often break down, and pipes require maintenance. Oil tends to accumulate, causing yellowing in some areas if we are not sufficiently conscientious with cleaning. All this and more makes renovating the kitchen a necessity. Today we would like to show you five examples of before and after kitchens that have nothing to do with what they were before. The change after the work of professionals is more than evident.

We hope you will find some interesting ideas and refreshing inspiration for your kitchen through this tour. Let's see how these 5 kitchens have been magically transformed shall we? 

1. Before: outdated and small

Although we see a kitchen that is well kept and maintained in this image, it is certain that this kitchen comes from another time. It is a kitchen that has been built years ago in terms of design and materials. Furthermore, given its small size, the fact that the kitchen was closed off to the rest of the house, was not a very wise choice, so one of the things that were done, was to open up the kitchen. Next, let's see what the kitchen looks like after being renovated. 

After: open and current

The changes in this kitchen is hard to believe! The walls no longer exist, and instead have been replaced by furniture that serves as a counter-peninsula-breakfast bar. Wood still dominates this kitchen, but the wood used is more current and makes the kitchen look more up to date. The design of the kitchen is also space efficient as it employs vertical space for storage and embedded appliances. A marvel! 

2. Before: dark and disorderly

The kitchen pictured here is located below ground level, and bad planning and design made it look dark and gloomy. Changes had to be made to achieve good ventilation and lighting. But apart from this detail, the kitchen was not in the best conditions.The furniture had been covered with fabrics that were showy and the colors were off. Come on, it needed an urgent reform.

After: bright and neat

The mistake was in thinking that just because the kitchen was located below ground level, that meant it could not have light. Experts from Alice Bizien have proved that in fact it is possible to have natural light flooding this kitchen. White and raw colors were chosen for furniture with the sole intention of making it more bright. Moreover, the layout has also improved a lot. 

3. Before: a kitchen from another era

This kitchen cried out for a change. Believe us when we say that even a small one has a universe of possibilities.The tiles chosen for both the floor and the walls are not only completely outdated, if not unflattering.This kitchen needed a radical change!

After: modern and simple

The changes in this kitchen are simply spectacular. It has gone from being outdated and ugly to be one of the kitchens with better distribution and comfort. Since the kitchen is located in an area devoid of natural light, white is chosen as the dominant colour. Trendy brick-like tiles give the kitchen a modern look, while the simple design is part of the charm.  

4. Before: an overcrowded kitchen

This kitchen is just overwhelming and overdone with a combination of colors that is unflattering for a small space.The way the furniture is arranged also makes it feel overcrowded, while insufficient storage space results in a cluttered kitchen. This kitchen could only get better.

After: sophisticated and elegant

The change is striking! The hodgepodge of colors has been replaced by a plain white for the walls, and wood and steel for furniture and appliances. It has added more storage space so that a neat and tidy kitchen can be maintained easily. 

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5. Before: horror movie scene

This kitchen truly looked like a scene from a horror movie. It scared us alright! Time and nature had taken their course and left it in a practically unusable state. Fortunately, it was given a second chance. Let's see what happened…

After: white, grey, and precious!

The kitchen has gone from dirt to diamond, from useless to precious. Grey and white dominate this kitchen, making it look modern and sophisticated. The kitchen is divided into two parts—on one side, the storage area and food preparation, and on the other side, kitchen appliances. 

We hope you've been inspired by these beautiful kitchen renovation projects. For more home tips, inspiration, and interesting ideas, have a look at before and after: a terrific kitchen makeover

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