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7 small houses that pack a punch

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Tsubomi House (Tokyo Bud House) FLAT HOUSE Home design ideas
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Have you ever heard the phrase 'the best things come in small packages'? Today we're going to see why!

These days, it's important to look at how we can live smart and in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way. A mansion might appeal to our ego, but smaller houses are the way forward, lowering our carbon footprint as well as being a more budget friendly solution. 

This doesn't mean that we have to abandon our dreams of living a grand life. 21st century architects are well aware of the problems posed by city space crunch, as well as the growing global trend of trading in gigantic houses for smaller, more humble abodes. Today at homify, we are going to show you seven fabulous houses that feature cutting-edge architecture, modern elements and impressive finishes. You'll never think twice again about small home living!

The unique and edgy house

The first small house that we explore today, designed by Royale Projects, is the perfect example of how trendy a small home can be.

Designed so that wooden panels alternate with mirrored panels, this house looks barely there—as if its structure is half-formed and floating in the desert. It almost looks like it could be a desert mirage… but we assure you it's real!  

Mirrors are usually a great feature to use inside the home to make the space look bigger. This house proves that this is a great tip for the exterior of the home, too!

Sweet and subtle

This home is a perfect example of how a small structure can really bring together all of the elements in perfect harmony.

Sophisticated yet subtle, the designers experimented with minimal white and grey tones to put a contemporary spin on the traditional cottage structure.

Tip: Add a terrace to your small home to expand the living space, and immediately double your floor plan in summer!

Industrial chic

Industrial chic can be the perfect design for a small home, keeping it neat, trendy and environmentally-friendly. A home like this can make use of recycled materials, cutting down on costs too.

Don't you love the skylights in the roof? This allows lots of natural light to filter into the home. Natural light can really open up a small home, making it that much more welcoming and appealing.

It's all in the facade

How do you make a small house look like a modern-day mansion? Big up the facade!

Here you can see how different materials—wood, glass and brick—as well as the different colours and tones create a very appealing and inviting home.  If you like this design, take a look at this delightful single family home!

White is right

The beautiful white exterior of this structure contrasts beautifully with the soft, white curtains that blow in the breeze. Half stone, half fabric, this facade is both grounded and ethereal at once.

Designed by Vismaracorsi Architects, this home shows just how beautiful and serene a small house can be. Don't you love the elongated shape of the home with the flat roof?

Squeezed in tight

Tsubomi House (Tokyo Bud House) FLAT HOUSE Home design ideas

Tsubomi House (Tokyo Bud House)


Small is seriously trendy!

This retro home looks even more quirky due to it being slotted between two buildings. The designers have used geometric patterns to create a building that looks bigger than it really is. You'll also notice the glass windows and doors used throughout, which opens the house up and lets light flood through, making it look far bigger.

Rustic charm

This gorgeous little country home shows that a charming villa doesn't have to take up an entire plot.

The designers have given this home a stone facade, which creates an earthy look and feel. Plenty of plants and flowers enhance the entire exterior and garden. These tiny dwellings prove just how beautiful small homes can be!

Are you worried about having too much stuff for a small home? Check out these mind-blowing storage ideas!

Article adapted from an ideabook by Tammy Sutherns for homify ZA.

Which of these houses was your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below!
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