Before and after: reviving an apartment in historic Seville

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Home renovations can be intimidating. Even when we know we want a change, it can be difficult to envision anything beyond what we’ve grown accustom to in our drab old homes. 

Luckily, there are interior design professionals that specialise in this sort of task. They can help devise the interior of your dreams, and work with you to achieve your goals within your budget. 

We are always so amazed at what these talented people can do to transform a seemingly hopeless space. One such team is Inuk Home Studio, and today we will be touring one of their completed projects in Seville, Spain. They took a dingy space with zero style and made it into a breezy haven full of traditional Spanish aesthetics combined with stylish modern décor. Anyone who is even remotely considering a renovation should take note!

Bleak and bland before

With dark furniture and mismatched textiles, this living space doesn’t have much going for it. The space lacks character in the absence of décor, and there certainly isn’t much cohesion. We do think that the exposed wooden beams on the ceiling have potential, however. Let’s see what our design team has in store!

Blossoming with modern style

The interior design has distinct Scandinavian and modern influences while still maintaining a sense of Spanish culture. 

The furnishings, for instance, are distinctly Scandinavian, but the turquoise colour accents and restored wooden beams on the ceilings speak of Spanish aesthetics. What a combination!

Shabby sink area

The kitchen sink in this home is void of style, and it certainly looks like it’s seen better days. Besides the apparent dinginess in this portion of the kitchen, it doesn’t seem very functional either. The storage space is inadequate and scattered.

Dazzling and clean!

The new kitchen features a proper countertop and tiles decorated in duquesa tiles. A rack was installed for hanging kitchen utensils more uniformly. The kitchen area was also outfitted with a new electric stove and a dishwasher.

Dreary bedroom

Before the design team got their hands on this bedroom it was dark and plain as can be! With only a single mattress covered in an ugly blue sheet, this space could certainly use a bit of help. With the window and exposed wooden beams we maintain that this space has the capacity for decorative greatness.

Stunning transformation!

Wow! With the help of some paint and clever decorative strategies this room is much brighter! It is also teeming with breezy southern Spanish tiles thanks to the colour scheme, textiles, and wooden details. We love it!

Yucky bathroom that could use a facelift

The bathroom has absolutely no decorative qualities. It could certainly use a bit of work. The paint on the window shutters is chipped, and the window frame itself is turning yellow at the edges.

The duquesa tiles strike again!

In the new and improved bathroom, we find more duquesa tiles, though these ones feature an orange and muted blue motif. These colours define the scheme for the rest of the bathroom, as it was also painted blue and given orange accents. 

The designers downsized the sink unit, but the bright side is that this little washbasin can be decorated in a bold pattern without being too loud or abrasive on the eye.

An eyesore for a terrace

The terrace was quite a strange sight to behold before its makeover. The stuffy red floor and strange tattered tarpaulin hanging above make this a confusing space that feels basically unusable, which wass unfortunate considering that it occupies prime space in historic Seville.

The grand finale!

What a striking difference! Once the tarp was removed and some turf was put over the red floor, this terrace started to shape up. The contemporary furnishings and adorable hanging gardens really sealed the deal. The walls were given a touch up coat of white, which by contrast makes the lovely pink building across the way pop as an incorporated aspect of this decorative scheme.

We are pleased with this amazing transformation because any real estate in a beautiful city like Seville ought to be cherished. A big well done to the designers at Inuk Home Studio! For more astounding transformations, check out this home that went from dilapidated to Zen

Which was your favourite transformation? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Let us know using the comments section, below!

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