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10 classy kitchen stoves that are too hot to handle!

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When it comes to wood-burning stoves, we here at homify believe that we've found the best. Both chic and practical, wood stoves add a great touch to any interior design scheme, while also adding a little something special. 

From simple minimalist to elegant modern, from rustic to futuristic, feast your eyes on this selection of kitchen stoves that are sure to heat up your home!

1. The rustic look

Rustic kitchens have a quaint elegance about them that anyone can enjoy, and the same goes for this wood stove. Built to last from the same brick as the neighbouring wall, this kitchen stove really heats things up! 

2. Who needs a garden?

Don't have a garden in your back yard? No problem! This kitchen stove comes complete with a barbecue. Now you don't have to set aside that extra yard space–you can grill to perfection right inside!

3. Simple, yet powerful

This wood stove may look small and rather plain, but we can say for certain that it is still as mighty as the two previous wood-burning stoves we've seen. Being powered by wood, this stove provides more tantalizing flavours when cooking, and need we mention how perfectly the chic Scandinavian style fits with the interior?

4. Good ol' iron

Traditional wood-burning stoves are among the cutest in appearance and the most functional in design. Not only do you get that rustic look with the cast iron shell, but the iron casing also creates an additional heating surface for the tea kettle or for warming up a pot of soup, as we can see here.

5. Worldly inspiration

Even in Mediterranean style spaces, the kitchen stove is perfectly at home. Take this kitchen stove–adorned in white to complement the patchwork tile kitchen, it offers the perfect grilling space.

6. Live above average

Although this space isn't your average kitchen style, the wood stove that sits here is anything but contemporary. This stove was built to last through the ages—with reinforced concrete and cast iron fixings, it's more than enough to get any cooking job done. The fact that it's placed in an open plan home means this beautiful sight is even easier to perceive.

7. Built to match

Talk about this wood stove taking centre stage, right? The vision the interior architects had for this space is incredible–the room was built to match the central fireplace, so that the craftsmanship in the stonework stretches beyond that of the cooking device. 

8. Double your pleasure

Like the idea of a wood stove in your home, but don't like the idea of having just one? Well, you can double your pleasure by installing a double wood-burning stove like the one we can see here!  What's better, if you're short on space, you can have them installed into the wall. Now that's ingenuity!

9. Small packages

We've all heard the saying, big things come in small packages, and that is exactly the sentiment we feel with this wood stove here. Simple and compact to match with the minimalist interior stylings, this wood stove really packs a punch with its incredible heating ability. Now that you know these powerful puppies come in such small packages, there's no reason not to have one installed in your home!

10. Futuristic design

Are you the type that loves the idea of a wood stove, but can't see using it for its original purpose? No sweat! Although this incredibly modern installation might not cook, it makes up for it in wonderful style. The grey platform even creates a small sitting area for those who want to curl up next to the fire with a good book.

Interested in futuristic design? Be sure to check out this futuristic home extension!

Which of these stoves would look great in your home? Let us know in the comments below!
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