10 totally unique kitchens that will inspire you to cook!

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Infinity Spaces Modern style kitchen
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The kitchen. The room we spend the most time in–cooking, entertaining friends and family–it's no wonder why we love it so much and why so many of us go through such great lengths to create the perfect kitchen atmosphere. 

If you're at the beginning stages of your home kitchen design, then you've stumbled across the right article! We're going to show you 10 perfectly unique kitchens to encourage you to build a fabulous kitchen. So come with us on this journey and get some inspiration!

1. That retro feel

Here we have a perfectly retro kitchen. The bright red cabinets and accents throughout add life to the space without overwhelming, subsequently creating an exciting and modern atmosphere. 

2. Geometric paradise

This unusual kitchen space is dominated by geometry and reflects the design scheme of the rest of the home. The bright white interior perfectly complements the linear design.

3. Going down

Now this is something you've probably never seen before–a sunken kitchen! The cooking area is enclosed in a glass case, while the dining and surrounding areas are outfitted in streamlined silver, giving the space a magnificent futuristic feel. 

4. How about upcycling?

Kitchenette homify Kitchen



Upcycling isn't just for repurposing old crates. This kitchen was fashioned from upcycled wood and cabinet doors, contributing to a completely eclectic atmosphere.

5. Open up with a skylight

Kitchen with sliding rooflight to create open-air court Eldridge London Kitchen
Eldridge London

Kitchen with sliding rooflight to create open-air court

Eldridge London

If you thought the sunken kitchen was something special, just wait until you see this magnificent kitchen! A skylight with a sliding glass roof was implemented here, generating the perfect amalgamation of interior and exterior. 

6. Get glossy

Digging that retro style? Well, here's another great example. The owners of this home are clearly not afraid to add bold and daring colour, and it looks fantastic.

7. Industrial opulence

Here we have a radiant and elegant kitchen with subtle touches of industrial accents. The all-white, glossy interior with silver highlights and backsplash perfectly supports the addition of those brass pendant lights.

8. Monochrome

Decorating with dark colours can be a challenge, but this kitchen pulls the look off flawlessly. This monochrome black room is chalk full of bold contrasts and and modern styling. Contemporary and functional are the key words to describe this space.

9. Small but practical

10 Smart SQM Tengbom Home design ideas

10 Smart SQM


One of a kind homes don't always need to be big and bold. Take this home, for example. The entire home is only 10 square metres and contains a perfectly usable wooden kitchenette with tons of personality. It was designed for student housing and was built by the architects at Tengbom.

10. Contrast

This black kitchen with a bright yellow accent wall strikes us as a completely contemporary home without being overly decorated. It is a kitchen that can change with your ever-evolving personal interior design tastes.

Still not sure where to start with your kitchen planning? Then check out our professionals page! To find out more, check out these tips on how to make your kitchen look bigger!

Which one would be your ideal kitchen? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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