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An Exemplary Home In The City Of Eternal Spring

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LIGHTEN Minimalist house
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Medellin, the second largest city of Colombia, is often dubbed as “the city of eternal spring.” Spread across the foothills of the Andes, the city has become a home to many modern designers and architects. Lighten, one of the reputed names in the lighting design, have also established their base in prosperous Medellin.

They were given the responsibility of illuminating the interior and exterior of Casa Barreneche in a most spectacular fashion. This is the house that we are going to show you today. Except for its eye catching façade, scintillating lights and contemporary interior, Casa Barreneche has something more to offer. Read on and find out for yourself…

Façade of the house

Casa Barreneche’s façade is on par with other modern structures cropping up across the globe. Its elongated shape is divided into smaller cubes of differing volumes. A combination of white walls and stone accents beautifies its exterior.

Le Corbusier would have been proud of the large horizontal glass windows, partly covered by organic blinds for privacy. Exterior accent lighting cheers up the stylish façade of the building.

A dream-like setting

Because of its idyllic location atop a mountain, this massive residential villa looks even more delightful. The surrounding greenery is its crown jewel and the designers have taken full advantage of its scenic location. 

With a home like this, the owners can easily satisfy their urges for going glamping without venturing outside the building's premises. It is clear that this residential building boasts generous proportions. The living area, consisting of two floor levels, adds up to 640 sq metres.

Take a cool dip

The privileged position of this house lets the owners take a cool dip in this infinity pool and enjoy the beautiful views at the same time. Could there be a better way of spending time than watching the blue vastness of the sky above reflecting itself on the mirror-like water of the small lake below?

Sit cosily around the fire

When fatigued with all the exercises or preoccupations of the day, the inhabitants of this Colombian villa have this serene spot to sit down and unwind. 

Once again, they will have the beauty of the surrounding nature to keep them company. They may also like to invite their friends to get a small party going.

Relax on the sundeck

The afternoons can be spent on lying down on the reclining chairs that occupy a sundeck built on the patio itself. The elevated position of the house in the lap of nature gives everyone the opportunities of following Frank Lloyd Wright’s advice, “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”


The minimalist bathroom with an artificial starry night effect boasts part mosaic, part wooden flooring. The walls are painted in white, which emphasises just how open this room is. Large cabinets and modish accessories with brown accents decorate the spacious interior.

House in the evening

Casa Barreneche, illuminated by Lighten’s brilliant lighting, soaks in the calmness of the evening. A spacious driveway leads the cars up to an expansive garage. If you ever want to create a dream like atmosphere in your home then the design of this house can teach you a thing or two.

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Which feature of this modern house do you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below!
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