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An Exemplary Home Design For Entertainment Lovers

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Here at homify, we've taken you to some very interesting places and have shown you some elegant, rustic, modern, and country homes, just to name a few styles. But it's not that often that we get to show you some truly exemplary home design that suites not only your taste for the beautiful, but also feeds your inner entertainer. 

Created and designed by the interior decorators at Voila PTE LTD, this magnificent home will leave you envious and make you yearn for a similar setup!

Entertainment in style

You've never seen an entertainment area like this! With an enormous flat screen television encased in a gorgeous lattice-style entertainment centre, along with that lovely and comfy couch, this living room provides you with all of the comforts of a home theatre. 

And if you think this image alone is great, just wait until you see the secret that makes this room so special! 

Media room madness

And here it is! The flat screen television has been mounted on a rotating axle, which triples entertainment possibilities! In the middle of a movie and you have to check on dinner? Now this is no problem at all.

Do you like this television set design? Are you looking to revamp your media room? Then this guide is just for you!

Watch while you eat

As you can see from this image, the dining room table has a perfect view of the 360 degree, rotatable TV. You can bet these homeowners never miss a game! 

With those super comfortable dining room chairs, you can dine in style and luxury all day, every day.

Order up!

With such a fantastic entertainment area, you can bet there are a ton of visitors in this home. So with an influx of people coming and going, this home needed a significant kitchen. 

Luckily, the designers at Voila know exactly what they're doing! Fashioning this giant kitchen with loads of counter, refrigerator, and floor space means that no one goes hungry during game time.

Not much needed

The lighting on the ceiling not only excellently illuminates the bedroom (as does the giant window that's covered by the blackout curtains), but they also have a quirky modern design, making you feel like you're relaxing in a hotel suite.  

This simple bedroom has everything the minimalist needs – a bed and fantastic storage space.

Industrial bathroom

For the last stop on our tour, we're taking you to the bathroom. Adorned in different colours and textures of tile, this bathroom radiates elegance and luxury. Not to mention it's completely functional in every design aspect.

We hope you enjoyed the tour of this entertaining home! To see more interiors, check out the Chikusei home that prioritises family life!

So what do you think? Would you install a rotating entertainment centre in your media room? We'd love to hear from you below! 
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