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How to Choose Your First Sex Doll Volumne 3

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Step 4: Pre-designed or custom?

This is the most important decision in the entire life size sex doll purchasing process. You can choose to purchase a pre-designed doll or create your own.

You can still choose the doll's appearance for a pre-designed doll. You can customize skin colour, cup size and pubes as well as whether the doll can stand. Remember the image you created in Step 1 of your ideal doll. You'll be happy with your doll if you find a doll that is pre-designed and can be tweaked with the customising options.

It can be more difficult to find a doll you are looking for. You might want to look into a fully customized doll if this is you.

You have complete control over your order with a completely customizable option. You have complete control over everything including your body type, head and pubic hair. There are even options for tattoos. If you are unable to find a sex doll that fits your needs, this option is worth exploring.

A sex doll can be an investment. Do not force yourself into compromising with a physical trait you don't like or that is different from what you are offered. This will ruin your enjoyment. You should instead take the time to use all of the information from the previous steps along with your physical preferences so you are 100% certain that your doll will meet your needs.

Step 5: Place your order

Once you are happy with the doll's appearance, place your order. All you need to do now is wait for your doll's arrival. Clear out any clutter so your home is ready for your doll's arrival. If you have special requirements, you may want to purchase outfits and lingerie for your doll.

Step 6: Receive your doll

You will love your doll if you follow the above advice. Then the fun can begin!