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How to combine your living and dining room—lets tear down walls!

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PASSAGE CITRON Mediterranean style dining room
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Open plan spaces are all the rage—it's the home layout that everyone is after. But how easy is it to achieve?

The answer—very. With a little ingenuity, help from a professional, and some elbow grease, your home could be rocking a super trendy living room-cum-dining room in no time at all. Excited yet? You should be. Read on to find out exactly what you need to do…

Coordinate colours and materials

We always suggest that you colour coordinate areas of your home, and this requires strategic colour palettes and interior planning. 

This combination living room/dining room perfectly uses neutrals and a fantastic white base to seamlessly combine the spaces. The perfect planning of this living room and dining room would even allow guests to feel more comfortable chatting and conversing from different areas of the home!

Use slopes and ramps to demarcate living space

Pit house UID Modern style kitchen

Pit house


Different elevations are a great way to demarcate and divide space while adding a great design technique. Ramps and slopes are incredibly functional especially for older couples or less able individuals -- even if you don't fall into these two groups, they're a great choice.

This living room and dining room are incredibly interesting, and even a futuristic type of modernism with the semi-circular shape and trailing windows. Bi-levels and nooks create a great separation of interior space, too!

Use both horizontal and vertical space

In the average home, we tend to get so caught up in the horizontal nature of the architecture that we forget about both using and appreciating our vertical space.  By using both horizontal and vertical space you can differentiate different areas of your home and even create the illusion of more space, depth and height.

This example uses interior windows, long, dramatic blue drapes and eclectic chandelier lighting to pull your line of vision up and out—making this home look vast and grand.

Use accessories without fear

Accessories should be your friend, not your enemy.  When you find accessories that you love and that fit your needs and tastes—find a way to use them in multiple areas! This industrial/modern style home uses dramatic drapery and lighting in every room—perfectly playing with the horizontal and vertical nature of this large home.

The accessories in this home are  dark in colour and exposed in nature—even the ceiling-based fireplace follows on par with the black coordination.

Combine furniture of different eras and styles

Eclecticism can be your best friend when it comes to combining multiple spaces and this is especially useful in smaller homes. 

Take a look at this living room and dining room—the mixture of styles, eras, furnishings and even colours make the whole space fit together seamlessly without any expensive construction or extensive projects.

Go for round tables in small spaces

In smaller homes and apartments, most designers suggest that you use round tables in order to save more leg room and floor space. The example seen here is absolutely perfect, and the exposed beams, white walls and ceilings and abundance of natural space really help in making this large space combine into one cosy, welcoming room. Yes, round tables tend to save space in small areas, but check out this combination space to see how a standard rectangular table can fit as well!

We understand that some homeowners want a separation of space or need that division to stay organised—in that case, think about temporary or easily-constructed partition walls Don't neglect your living space—combine more space if you have a larger family or especially if you tend to hold more social gatherings and events!

Want more open plan inspiration? Check out the wide open spaces at Haus Trittau!

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