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A mind-blowing Japanese residence to fall in love with!

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Japan is known for its fabulous cuisine, intriguing landscapes, and perhaps most of all, its aesthetic tradition. Traditional Japanese design is characterised by wooden structures that are slightly elevated off the ground with tiled or thatched roofs and sliding doors, or fusuma

Today on homify, we aren't showing you this traditional style, but a modification of it. The home we are about to view, designed by FCD architects, takes on more modern design elements, but as we will soon discover, there are remnants of the traditional, making this home a leader in cutting-edge architectural design. And just wait until you check out the surprise at the end of the tour!

The facade

From the outside, this looks like any other ordinary housing structure. It has a very simple simple design based on the white box type. 

The only indication we have of the warmth radiating from within comes from the light leaking from the windows onto the pure white outer wall. 

The side entrance

Here we have a view of the side entrance to the home. The garden path leading up to the entrance is adorned in white gravel and slabs of square stone. 

The residents of this home were given a lovely mud room as well, perfectly lit with a few ceiling lights. Now, enough of the outside. Let's go in!

Whole lotta light

Right off the bat, we can appreciate the full extent of this wide open floor plan, thanks in part to the fantastic furnishing arrangement, but with an even bigger thanks to the plentiful natural light sources. A skylight, sliding glass doors leading to the terrace, and tons of windows allow for a brightly lit, open, and inviting atmosphere.

A traditional design element that was left in tact here are the sliding doors, except these are made from glass and not the traditional wood and paper. 

Bathroom with a view

Even the bathroom has a great view of the outside. The combination of an all white interior with lush greenery peeking in from the outside creates a relaxing, yet surprisingly modern and opulent vibe, even without tons of decoration. This simplistic design is also reminiscent of the traditional Japanese architecture. 

The grand finale!

We know you've been waiting for the surprise, so here it is! Look like just an ordinary garden to you? Well, the surprise is that this fantastically green garden isn't located in the back yard or even on the terrace. 

This garden is located on the roof of the home! You can even see the living room skylight encased in foliage. Entertaining in the garden has never been so grand!

Do you have any secret gardens on your property? We'd love to hear about it in the comments section below!
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