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12 creative housewarming gifts

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Looking for an awesome housewarming gift? Well, if you want to venture beyond the traditional Hong Kong gifts of fruit and lucky money, we have lots of ideas to get you started!

But no matter how adventurous you want to be, it's probably best to avoid all the traditionally unlucky items… So never give a gift that signifies anything too ominous. This includes a clock, knives, sharp objects and anything in black and white. If you're buying flowers, make sure they're not funereal white—instead opt for some colourful blooms! 

So, without further ado, let's get started on 12 awesome housewarming gifts. There's sure to be something here to impress your loved ones and suit every budget. Enjoy!

1. Small bluetooth speakers for the bathroom

Small bluetooth speakers are a little unusual as a gift, but that makes them all the more fabulous. They are also available in a huge range of prices to suit any budget. It's best to choose something small so it doesn't clutter up their new home or compete with existing setups. The extra speakers might be used in the bathroom for a little mood music while taking a bath.

2. Personalised wall art

Always Be Yourself Catwoman Print PhotoFairytales ArtworkPictures & paintings Paper Beige

Always Be Yourself Catwoman Print


These days there are plenty of online stores where you can get personalised wall art for a very affordable price. It's unique and shows that you really care about the person. Obviously, this is one to reserve for those recipients you know really well.

3. Personalised chopping board

Personalised Rustic Wooden Chopping / Cheese Board - in 4 Sizes The Rustic Dish KitchenKitchen utensils
The Rustic Dish

Personalised Rustic Wooden Chopping / Cheese Board—in 4 Sizes

The Rustic Dish

For many of us, the humble chopping board is the single most used item in the kitchen. So a personalised chopping board made of thick sturdy wood is a particularly awesome gift. This one is good if you're looking to buy for a young couple.

4. Flowers in a bright flowerpot or jar they can reuse

Bright, colourful flowers are always a good housewarming gift! But to really make this gift awesome, team it with some large colourful glassware that can be used time and time again. Perhaps you might even choose something that could be converted into terrarium as well.

5. A beautiful gold pillow

Gold Diamond Pillow Kara Fabric
Kara Fabric

Gold Diamond Pillow

Kara Fabric

Extra pillows are always good to have in the living room or bedroom. But it's best to choose something small -just in case you don't quite nail the recipients style. This beautiful little pillow by gold pillow would be a good choice. Gold is a lucky colour and it's a local find. It comes to us courtesy of Hong Kong textiles and upholstery professional Kara Fabric.

6. Kitchen herbs

Kitchen herbs don't just add fresh green colour to the home, they can also infuse the air with sweet scents. Choose a few pots with popular edible varieties. Even if the new owners don't have a green thumb, they can enjoy cooking with the leaves.

7. A light throw rug for the sofa

Family Living homify Living room

Family Living


Everyone likes to snuggle on the sofa at some point with a good book or a film. So look at buying a light throw rug for the sofa. This is a good opportunity to introduce a lucky colour like red.

8. Portable plant holders with easy watering solutions

Plants are always a good idea as a housewarming gift, but the more awesome approach is to present a plant with a built in watering system. Floor space is precious in Hong Kong, but we all have window space. Portable plant holders like this are a great choice.

9. Top quality board games

Tournament Size Mediterranean Backgammon Geoffrey Parker Games Ltd Multimedia roomAccessories & decoration
Geoffrey Parker Games Ltd

Tournament Size Mediterranean Backgammon

Geoffrey Parker Games Ltd

Board games are definitely a little old-fashioned, but that's what makes them awesome as a housewarming gift. They might even prompt you all to get together for a little old-fashioned fun without your smartphones!

10. Candles

Warm wishes Embrace Hurricane PartyLite HouseholdAccessories & decoration

Warm wishes Embrace Hurricane


Candles are a standard idea with perennial appeal. Choose a few in lucky colours with a minimalist design that could suit most decors. Don't forget to get something with an attractive scent as well!

11. Handmade ceramics

Dishware is tricky territory when it comes to housewarming gifts. We all have our own habits, and it can be hard to predict what will really get used. If the recipient already has a good set of matching dishes, your gift may be superfluous as well. But large flat, serving dishes are a fairly safe bet and will often get used when extra guests arrive. You might amp up the appeal with some beautiful handmade ceramics like this as well.

12. A serving tray

Silver moroccan tray Fate London HouseholdHomewares
Fate London

Silver moroccan tray

Fate London

A large serving tray is a good choice if you're worried about doubling up on items. They also tend to get overlooked when people buy their first household items. But a great serving tray isn't just for using at the dinner table; it could provide the perfect excuse for breakfast in bed!

Now, if you're looking for more household ideas or just some conversational fodder, check out 9 simple ways to Feng Shui your home.

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