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14 of the most amazing and unusual beds EVER

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Beds. Ahhh—these are the sacred places in our homes; where we recuperate, dream and hide away from the world for a bit, finally on our own to relax and feel at ease with ourselves. A bad bed can have resounding and adverse impacts on our lives and, equally, a great bed will leave us feeling like we can take on the world anew everyday. But because the bed is one of our most intimate spaces, getting it right is a matter of supreme subjectivity, with each of us having boudoir preferences that are as individual as we are. So, aside from a comfortable mattress, our ideal beds should reflect our personal needs and tastes so well that they comfort us and literally put us peacefully to sleep. 

We understand the importance of the bed so well that we thought they deserved a bit more showcasing, so we have chosen fourteen of our most amazing and unusual billets for your perusing pleasure. We hope that, outside of feeling wowed by all of them, you also find one or two that personally inspire you to brighten up your own boudoir.

1. The circular bed

The circle bed: well-known but really, rarely seen, it is the equivalent of a king size bed with a swanky soft mattress and blue mood lighting all around its circumference.

2. The sleigh bed

The Camargue Sleigh Bed Revival Beds BedroomBeds & headboards
Revival Beds

The Camargue Sleigh Bed

Revival Beds

The sleigh bed stands out because it is so regal, so sophisticatedly self-contained and luxurious. This bed in particular has been constructed of a high-quality, hard rosewood mix, polished and beautifully crafted. It is sturdy enough that one gets the impression one could really ride away on it and still not be woken from slumber.

3. The hanging swing bed

This king size bed hangs suspended by thick ropes on pullies, screwed into the ceiling, meaning that, while it is sturdy and safe, its hard wood plank frame swings ever so slightly. 

4. Sitting up in bed

Designers have come up with a real solution for all of you who work or watch television while sitting up in bed. We have a simple double-sized bed here with a hand-worked wooden pair of 'pillow headboards' that support your back and neck just as a chair would—and they have added a cubby shelf to boot!

5. California King bed

This bed comes from bed makers who specialise in making SUPER large beds. This particular one is in the range of what is called 'a Califonia King', essentially, a king-sized bed which has been doubled. If there is a bed on this list you might get lost in, this would be the one!

6. The modern hover bed

Bed, complete: a space craft with built in night tables, a book shelf descending from the ceiling and a sleek head board -- oh, and hover lighting gives the impression you are floating!

7.The luxuriant sofa bed

This is the sofa bed that is not actually a sofa that you might not ever leave. The suede headboard is in the style of a sofa back, cushioning you when you sit up.

8. Tree house bed

Vipp bed Vipp BedroomBeds & headboards

Vipp bed


This bed is unusual because the ceiling is made of glass, and the bed is the entire room—which feels a bit like sleeping in a tree house!

9. Medieval grandeur

Here is a bed to take you back in time, into a medieval king's bedroom. The dark hard wood of the canopy and columns has been expertly and stunningly hand carved. Imagine waking up here!

10. Bed pod

This is a bed, suspended between trees by cable wires, reminiscent of a cocoon with an inside mattress the size of a king bed. Listening to the birds, feeling the fresh air—talk about a healthful, cosy sleeping spot!

11. Teardrop bed

Garden furniture that can seriously be used as inspiration for an indoor bed. Attention folks with high ceilings: adopt the high teardrop bed for a seriously innovative twist on the canopy design.

12. An unusual wood bed

This one is for wood lovers! Built in night shelves and a large, quality slab of tree trunk for a headboard -- truly unique, impressively hand-crafted!

13. The space bed

This bed seems to have taken design cues from an unearthly, as-yet-unknown source (aka: outer space), with its purple LED over-lights and an enormously wide headboard that looks a bit like the shape of our Milky Way.

14. The MRI bed

We do not recommend this last bed to claustrophobic folks, but for people who enjoy the sensation of being wrapped in a cocoon whilst slumbering, this one might be up your street. Lightly processed woods line the inner portion of this hexagonal sleeping pod, ensuring one of the quietest catnaps ever!

As you see, the varieties of bed design are as varied and individual as the people who sleep in them, and they have so much fun design potential! Want to know more about designing your bedroom? Check out how to beautify your sleeping area!

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