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10 creative staircases that will leave you flabbergasted

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Staircases are the most essential structural portion of a multi-storied home and, for this reason, it is easy for us to simply march up and down them, seeing them as merely functional when, in fact, they provide one of the most dynamic design opportunities in the home. 

To prove this, today we are showcasing ten of the most creative staircases -- all of which can be found on homify. From the grand and modern to the old and other-worldy, we guarantee you will find a staircase design on this list that whets your taste and makes you say 'wow'. 

1.The aquarium staircase

Helical glass staircase around giant fish tank Diapo Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Helical glass staircase around giant fish tank


Well ok, it is not difficult to see why we have started off with this staircase. One just does not see a central, circular staircase wrapped around a massive, cylindrical aquarium, which is the size of something you would find in a proper city aquarium. To ensure you get every view possible, the stairs wrap slowly around the glass and then, there is wrap-around bench seating at the base!

2. Magical swirl

Made of finely polished cherry word, this spiral staircase has been embellished in quite a novel way: circular green, see-through glass windows--mimicking the cyclical structure of the staircase--have been set in the wide edges of the steps, giving the impression that one is walking down a glass-stone path. 

3. The floating staircase

Well, the title speaks for itself -- this staircase looks like it is floating, requiring no buttressing or bannisters, save for the in-between platform of sheer hung glass. Combined with the washed burgundy stone of the steps and walls, this staircase gives quite a beguiling, supernatural impression, and gets three cheers for artistry from us.

4. Wood you like to come upstairs?

We have a novel twist on the wooden staircase here. Thin, misshapen slabs of wood have been mostly unprocessed except for the blackening of the left edges and placed lengthwise. The effect is that one feels like one is walking on a staircase one may fall through. But not to worry, transparent glass provides extra support to prevent accidents, without damaging the distinctive aesthetic.

5. The window staircase

Primrose Hill - modern luxury kitchen featuring Porcel-Thin polished white 120x60cm porcelain tiles Porcel-Thin Modern corridor, hallway & stairs Tiles White

Primrose Hill—modern luxury kitchen featuring Porcel-Thin polished white 120x60cm porcelain tiles


Here we have a brilliant us of a skylight window typical of narrow urban buildings. Customarily, this window space would remain inaccessible and empty. Now, a clever little white staircase has made a new, bright destination area.

6. The Star Wars staircase

​A single-flight cantilever staircase crafted in toughened, laminated glass Railing London Ltd Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Railing London Ltd

​A single-flight cantilever staircase crafted in toughened, laminated glass

Railing London Ltd

The wall bannister for these stairs is reminiscent of a light sabre, lit up from inside with a glowing, fluorescent electric blue that compliments the steps of thick, aqua blue-tinted glass.

7. The not real staircase, staircase

Ok so this is not a real staircase but we thought it deserved attention because one: it is really creative and, two: it gives folks out there who do not have a staircase a way to nevertheless be inspired by staircase design. Covering a whole wall with a grand stone, outdoor staircase has lent a sense of grandeur to an otherwise plain home space—it's extraordinary!

8. The dungeon staircase

So ok, this is not a real dungeon, but the combination of brick walls and the thick stone spiral staircase backlit by subtle yellow lighting does feel a bit like being on the set of a medieval historical drama, so this staircase gets on the list for uniqueness.

9. The using space staircase

Under Stairs Aquarium AquariumGroup Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Under Stairs Aquarium


This staircase gets kudos for utlising its under-space creatively and beautifully. Though not as large as the first staircase's aquarium, we have here a set of steps that are remarkable for how the cerulean blue aquarium water sets them off and makes the entire space a real place to be -- a difficult feat for a staircase to achieve.

10. The unlikely staircase

The innovation here lies in the fact that most designers would not consider such a small space fit for building a staircase, usually choosing wide or straight avenues to establish the staircase frame. But not so here -- what is the size of a tiny elevator shaft has been transformed into an up-and-down labyrinth of fine wood steps. But watch your head!

If this list is one of your favourites, then check out more cool stair designs here.

Which stunning staircase was your favourite? Let us know in the comments section!
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