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A Tiny Home With A Tokyo Twist

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松原正明建築設計室 Modern houses
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Japanese architects are by now well-known for their expertise in minimalist designs, which use loads of natural materials and creative angles to inculcate serenity and harmony in a space. 

This Tokyo home is another great example of this. Let's have a closer look…

Open space

From this view, we can see the dining and kitchen areas open up big onto the outdoor patio, which has been made of quality, simple cherry wood, with large glass sliding doors and picture windows. 

A traditional, bucket-chain gutter drain ensures that, even in the worst Japanese downpours, roof water will be directed to the outside of the patio area. 

Doubly cosy

The aqua blue suede accent wall makes this room unique, mellow and snug. 

Two twin beds with simple pinewood headboards are a better use of the small space, allowing two people to sleep comfortably instead of smashed together in one bed. 

Social orientation

The living, dining and kitchen areas have been left open, unified by a thin, central wooden beam and light, pine wood floors that are actually a upwardly built platform, creating an interesting dynamism in the room. 

Large picture windows and nearly wall-sized sliding doors shed tons of daylight inside while, at night, hanging hexagonal lamps and an old-fashioned fireplace give off a subtle, warm incandescence.

The Shijo room

All genuine Japanese architecture is incomplete without a traditional tatami room, which serves as a room for receiving guests and, ideally, drinking tea. 

The tatami mats are smooth and comfortable to kneel on, and here, designers have put a Shijo window—named after the 87th Emperor of Japan—at ground level, in an interesting twist on convention.

Bath with a garden view

Set just to the side of the living and dining spaces, this bathroom shares the outlook onto the private garden outside. In a bathroom covered entirely in fine, subtly polished wood, it is easy to imagine laying in this wonderfully large tub, looking out onto the foliage and feeling completely at ease. These Tokyo architects have really nailed inner home harmony!

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