7 of the best economic housing options for Malaysia!

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A place to live in and call a home is something everyone yearns for. It is quite possible that you too are dreaming to build a house for yourself and your family at this very moment. But with every passing year, turning this dream into reality is becoming more difficult than ever. 

Should that deter you from conjuring up a most magnificent building out of thin air? Absolutely not! Especially when are there seven very good reasons to believe your dream is about to come true any day now…

Go for a prefabricated structure

19th century novelist Laura Ingalls Wilder considered “home” to be the “nicest word” in the vocabulary, and there aren’t many who would deny its sweet sound. If you are on the hunt for economic housing options, consider opting for a prefabricated structure. It is more affordable and consumes less time than building a new house from the ground up.

The house in front of you is built using prefabricated outer walls, flooring and roof with concrete frames. Its minimalist structure is built following the contemporary standards and is very comfortable inside.

Buy an accessory dwelling unit

Accessory dwelling units co-exist on the same plot as another house often as an annexe, garden shed, garage, barn or a granny flat. They are cheaper than the original structure, but spacious enough to be converted into a cosy home. Often they require some degree of renovation. Arrangements for plumbing, insulation and ventilation need to be made, too.

This can be covered at a fraction of the cost of an actual building, built brick by brick. To comply with the local building laws, you must apply for the necessary permits before buying and refurbishing an annexe like this.

Restore an old building

When your budget is not as tight as you originally feared to be, consider buying an old building and upgrade it to the modern standards. This house was renovated for less than RM 6000.00! It may not be exactly like the house of your dreams, but it serves every purpose and looks damn cool in the process.

Though minimalist from the outside, it is decorated with utmost attention to detail. Inside there is even a separate walk in wardrobe and atrium. Does this sound a little more like your dream house now?

Buy a studio apartment

Only a few years ago, the idea of studio apartments was mostly unheard of. But now prospective homeowners are not only buying studio apartments, but giving it most elegant makeover. It's not just a fad among young urbanites, either. Elderly occupants are also finding independent studio apartments perfectly suited to their tastes.

This graceful one room apartment occupies a space of 30 square metres and is designed in a most tasteful fashion with suitable furniture, lighting and accessories. Living in a one room apartment can turn out to be a blissful experience for you, too—just give it a try!

Renovate and expand an old structure

Richmond Full House Refurbishment A1 Lofts and Extensions Kitchen
A1 Lofts and Extensions

Richmond Full House Refurbishment

A1 Lofts and Extensions

Consider buying an older and relatively cheaper structure with room for expansion. You can expand it before moving in if you can afford to or leave it for a later date. Just ensure you are making necessary structural reformation to avoid health hazards.

This once shabby house in Richmond has been completely transformed for its current owners. The interior has been given a facelift, but that is not all. The house has been opened up a little bit and a new kitchen-cum-dining room now occupies the extension.

Build a new house with inexpensive materials

Don't completely rule out building a new house from scratch! Instead, speak with an experienced architect and explore the various possibilities of building a new abode within your means. As far as possible, source construction materials from the local outlets. 

Use home grown products instead of importing something from distant landscapes. You will save a considerable amount of cash this way. Choose durable materials and do not go solely by their looks. last of all, NEVER sacrifice quality in order to build affordably.

Opt for sustainable and co-designed spaces

Seek options for a sustainable and affordable housing co-designed and co-owned by the prospective owners. This type of housing takes its inspiration from the contemporary condominiums and repurposes it for the prospective homeowners willing to own a house within a tight budget. 

Also known as a sustainable community housing model or Baugruppen, owing to its origin in Germany, this particular type is great for those who want to gather a few like minded people willing to build a home of their own.

As you can see, building an abode of your own no longer a needs to be a fanciful dream. If you are only active enough to turn any of these ideas into a reality, your ideal home could be just around the bend…

Want to know more? Learn about some more low cost housing options from around the world.

To build affordably, do not forget to master these money saving tips.

Which of these homes would you prefer? Let us know in the comments section!

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