20 house facades you should see right now (to get the most inspiration!)

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Being able to count on a rendering or 3D model of the design of our future house gives us a clear idea of how it will be once built, without the need to lay a single brick. In these visualizations we can see the final product in detail, with the possibility of making modifications and changes according to our desires and conveniences, duly advised by a professional specialist in the field, thus ensuring that our home looks exactly as we always dreamed. In today's article, we show you 20 house facades, in 3D models, that will surely inspire you to design your project. Come and discover them on homify!

1. Combination of textures

Combining textures and colours, such as stone, metal and different shades of colour, makes the facade of the house much more interesting.

2. Wooden details

Wood is a very attractive material, but there is no need to overuse it in the project. A few details here and there will make your home look wonderful, especially if you want to achieve a modern and contemporary design.

3. Smooth and simple but attractive

Smooth finishes are very attractive as they are icons of modern design. Also note the hierarchy of the wood element in the main entrance, which makes the door appear to be double in height.

4. Framing the accesses

Some flowering plants, or some vegetation, can be placed flanking the access paths to the main entrance, demarcating and framing it, which looks especially good in houses with a contemporary design.

5. Small and compact

This facade is special for small, two-story houses, with compact facades that can have a great visual impact.

6. With some greenery

Integrating vegetation on balconies, sidewalks and other parts of the facade gives the house a much more interesting appearance and better integrates the construction into the surrounding environment.

7. Vertical elements

A large vertical component can help differentiate the various sections of the residence's architectural composition and breaks the monotony of a design that extends horizontally, with an elongated shape, providing greater stability to the proposal.

8. Cohesion of elements

The entire architectural language used in the ironwork of this facade is the same, giving cohesion and uniformity to the entire project, and making the facade much more attractive and sensible.

9. To enjoy the scenery

This facade works a bit like a curtain, as the balcony that opens at the top serves both to appreciate the surrounding landscape and to integrate the landscape into the interior of the house.

10. Craft grills

A complex and unique design for the railings that will protect the house or garage will make them the focal point of the design, accentuating and complementing the rest of the architectural composition of the house.

11. Playing with the height of the slabs

Roofs or cladding panels can give a much more interesting and attractive tone to the facade of the house, especially if you play with the different levels to create a floating effect and greater height, especially if it is a single-storey house.

12. Hierarchies

The volume of compositions on facades always tends towards balance, static or movement. The latter is achieved by proposing a volume that stands out from the others at one end, like the one seen in the image, over the main entrance of the house.

13. Horizontal planes

Several horizontal elements create a beautiful visual effect that gives great personality to this facade, adding to the excellent combination of textures and colours that the different finishes on the walls of the residence provide.

14. Contrasting colour

A volume with a contrasting texture, like the volcanic rock cladding of this house, highlighted against the prevailing white, gives a modern and contemporary style to this simple facade.

15. Light colours

There is nothing more modern than using white, neutral and light tones to add more light to a facade. If we add to this a very green garden in front, we ensure a winning combination.

16. Integrating vegetation

In this photo, at the end of the balcony, a plant barrier was proposed, perfectly combining with the warmth of the wood that covers one of the walls of the main facade of this beautiful residence.

17. Sobriety

This facade is sober and simple, but very pleasing to the eye, thanks to the combination of tones used in the proposed painting, which combines perfectly with the exposed brick elements and the wooden entrance door.

18. Intersection of planes

A vertical and perpendicular element to the rest of the house can serve as a plane that intersects it and gives a differentiating touch to the visual composition of the facade, delimiting areas and balancing the overall design of the house.

19. Traditional and modern style

Also remember that you can combine styles, as in the image proposed, where a house with a gable roof is still modern and contemporary, but simultaneously gives a nostalgic feeling, thanks to the windows and tiles covered in dark grey.

20. Welcoming

Houses with one floor become much more familiar and welcoming, as shown by this project for a house with a simple facade, where the garage slab appears to be a single piece that runs through the entire building and creates the roof structure.

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