The ultimate tips against annoying mosquitoes

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The assumption is that you can quickly turn off the light in the evening and you will be protected from the annoying mosquitoes. Unfortunately, anyone who believes in this will quickly find themselves struggling with annoying stitches. There is a whole range of tips that help against mosquitoes and their unpleasant bites. Closing the window is more helpful than turning off the light. In addition, mosquito nets and the power of plants are excellent ways to combat the little pests. But which tips against mosquitoes are among the myths and which ones actually repel mosquitoes and keep them away for as long as possible? Thanks to our experts, we clarify!

Warm summer evenings and the fear of mosquitoes

Every summer we have the same problem with mosquitoes. Who doesn't know it: you sit comfortably on the terrace and get stung? If the pests don't strike outside, you usually fall victim to mosquitoes in the bedroom. Even if you supposedly did “everything right”. After all, the typical tips and tricks on how to keep mosquitoes away are well-known, right? Today we'll get to the bottom of the most common advice: Do mosquitoes like light? How long do mosquitoes live? Mosquito in the room, what to do? Can you catch mosquitoes? It's best to read our exciting article right away and defy the mosquitoes this year. You can outsmart them with simple tricks.

Since we're going to be talking a lot about curtains, here's a hint for an idea book with lots of inspiration about curtains.

Close the windows in the evening

An old misconception goes that mosquitoes are magically attracted to light. All you have to do in the evening is turn off the light and be safe from mosquito bites. Unfortunately, this is not correct. The reason why mosquitoes tend to come into the apartment in the evening is because they are active at night. During the day, mosquitoes hide where it is nice, cool and humid. In the evening, when the sun no longer shines from the sky, they come out. When the window is wide open, they are magically attracted not by the light, but by the smell of people. Mosquitoes can sense the carbon dioxide that people breathe out and are almost “clouded” by it. If the window is open, they are attracted by it and find their victim with “sensory certainty”. The person who has sweet blood is not more attractive to mosquitoes, as is often assumed. A person who has a higher body temperature and has sweated more is more attractive to mosquitoes and is more likely to be bitten by them.

Close the curtain and open the window

It's too hot to close the windows in the evening? Then you can close the curtains and open the windows. The curtains then act like a protective wall against the mosquitoes. This is also a pleasant option if you want to use the cool evening air to ventilate. However, the distance between the curtain and the window should not be too large so as not to leave any gaps and not allow mosquitoes to get in. In addition, the curtains should not be coarse-meshed. The closer the texture of the curtain is to that of a mosquito net, the less chance mosquitoes have of getting through gaps in the fabric. An alternative is mosquito screens that can be attached to the windows. They can be easily attached with adhesive and prevent mosquitoes from coming in through the window. They are preferably attached to windows that can be opened but are otherwise of little use.

Mosquito nets: practical and romantic at the same time

Mosquito nets, especially around the bed, immerse the bedroom in the ambience of “A Thousand and One Nights”. The wind moves the net and makes it rustle quietly while you can lie down in bed undisturbed. To ensure that mosquito nets not only look beautiful but also serve their purpose, you should pay attention to a few things. The tighter the mesh of the mosquito nets, the more effective they are. Mosquito nets that stretch for decoration alone and have meshes that are too large allow mosquitoes to get through, even if they are more comfortable to sleep on because they allow more air to pass through. Mosquito nets should also be checked regularly for holes. The thin material tears too quickly and is then no longer functional. The mosquito net must be secured around the bed so that it cannot be touched at night. Otherwise, mosquitoes can bite through at points of contact with the net. The net must also be pinned under the mattress or the bed so that there are no openings for mosquitoes to get through.

Protect against mosquitoes with plants

It's no secret that essential oils protect against mosquitoes. Many manufacturers of mosquito repellents, which do not use chemicals, use this fact to their advantage. While conventional mosquito repellents and their components often fall into disrepute, the essential oils of plants help against mosquitoes without causing any harm as long as you are not allergic to the substances. However, essential oils do not belong in children's rooms because children can also react allergically to them. The most effective plants against mosquitoes include lemon eucalyptus, rosemary, lemongrass, citronella, cloves, cinnamon, but also peppermint and fragrant geranium.

Spray against bacteria

If that doesn't help, sprays against bacteria to disinfect rooms and surfaces are a good choice.

Use dim lighting?

As already described, turning off the lights does not help against mosquitoes. Even dimming the lights doesn't stop mosquitoes from being attracted to the smell of humans. The opposite is the case. Since mosquitoes are active at night, light that is similar to daylight confuses them. So if you want to stay in the apartment with the window open and the lights on, you should light the room as brightly as possible. The more the light resembles daylight, the less likely you are to be bitten by mosquitoes. In the kitchen, for example, general lighting is often ideal for scaring away mosquitoes.

Tip: To protect yourself from mosquitoes even after turning off the light, you should check the room for mosquitoes again before going to bed. Once the lights are out, it's easy to track them down. They soon attract attention with their typical humming noise. You don't have to search the room. You can simply stand in the room and wait for the mosquitoes to find you.

Use a fan or air conditioning

The temperature in the room can be reduced with a fan, be it a permanently installed ceiling fan, a small table fan, or an air conditioning system. The little pests become extremely lazy, avoid the cooler temperatures and, with a little luck, don't even come into the room. A fan has another advantage: it creates wind and mosquitoes don't like to fly against it. However, it must also be set strong enough for this to happen.

How do you get rid of mosquitoes in your house?

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