42 Fantastic Ideas To Have A Small Garden Full Of Charm!

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Outdoor spaces are a perfect setting to indulge in the pleasure of rest and leisure. Terraces, patios and gardens become, especially in the summer, a real attraction to mitigate fatigue, high temperatures or organize a meeting with friends and family. Regardless of their size, these spaces are capable of recharging our energies and making us live unforgettable moments.

In this book of ideas we offer you a journey through inspiration. We sneak into more than 40 small gardens decorated with a lot of charm in which the small details make big differences. Decorative accessories, vertical gardens, outdoor furniture or original lights are just some of the fantastic ideas that you will find in the examples that we have selected for you, original and accessible resources that you can incorporate into your small garden to make it exude personality.

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1. Enhance the edges

Drawing attention to the elements that define your small garden is a fantastic idea to make all eyes focus on a specific point, ignoring its dimensions.

2. Decorative flower beds

A small flower bed with plants of different species and sizes will give your garden an element with its own character. By wisely choosing the right flowers and shrubs you can create a space that causes a great visual effect.

3. Stone details

Beyond the vegetation, using different materials when designing your small garden will make it look much more beautiful. Stone, for example, is a raw material whose presence fills spaces with elegance, including exterior ones.

4. The warmth of wood

Try delimiting a small garden area with a flower pot made of wood. The warmth of this material combined with the vegetation will give your small garden an exotic and attractive air.

5. Vertical gardens

Ingenuity is essential when designing spaces in which the meters are not too generous. If your garden is small, you can always opt for a vertical composition to add a touch of charm to the scene without having to sacrifice a single extra centimeter.

6. The right species

Another fantastic idea that you can put into practice when designing your small garden has to do with plants. A wise choice of the species that best adapt to the particular conditions of the terrain or climate will make this space always look spectacular.

7. A garden in 'mini' format

Even the smallest space can become an aesthetically very attractive small garden and, if not, look at the result of integrating it into a concrete hallway. Simply spectacular.

8. Minimalist gardens

The minimalist concept of less is more also has a place in the design of small gardens . The example that we propose in this image is committed to combining bushes and plants of different sizes with materials such as stone that, in short, make this space an elegant and cozy place without excesses.

9. Put the accent on a certain point

If what you want is to fill your outdoor patio with life, there is nothing like reserving a corner to create a small garden full of charm like this one. A few plants on a stone stage will give it the personal touch you need.

10. Appropriate plants

Choose the most appropriate plants so that the climate does not influence the beauty of your small garden.

11. The charm of cacti

Don't be scared off by their thorns, cacti are a highly recommended species for your small garden and, regardless of their resistance, well combined, they can give life to compositions that could well pass for authentic works of art.

12. Take advantage of the space under the stairs

Any space, no matter how small, is susceptible to hosting a small garden. The area under the stairs is an original and creative solution.

13. The window sill

And continuing with the idea of taking advantage of every corner… why not create your small charming garden on the windowsill? Reinvent your spaces to fill your home with life.

14. Zen-style garden

A small Zen-style garden to welcome you at the entrance of the house.

15. Water, stone and bamboo

Water, stone and even bamboo, main ingredients of a small oriental-inspired garden.

16. Rustic style

With brick as a backdrop, this small garden delimited by the forcefulness of the stones, offers a very cozy aesthetic of contrasts of rustic inspiration.

17. Flirty and original

Do you know the upcycling design trend? It is a trend based on the reuse of objects that, originally, were conceived for purposes that have nothing to do with their final destination. These chalices converted into pots are a good example of this.

18. In full color

The fantastic effect caused by the sinuosity of the lines that delimit this small garden is only comparable to the aesthetic appeal that is derived from the mixture of tones of its plants and materials, a fascinating chromatic dialogue for a space filled with a lot of character.

19. Fountain

Incorporating a fountain into your small garden is another of the fantastic ideas that we want to propose to you if you are thinking about designing your green area. The wide variety of models and materials makes it difficult not to find the perfect piece for all types of gardens.

20. From the floor to the wall

The maximum use of the available space is the hallmark on which the approach of this small garden is based. Floor and walls are completely colonized by different types of plants that rest on as many pots with very original aesthetics.

21. Modern lines

If what you are looking for is to give a contemporary look to your small garden, a composition based on geometry like the one you see in the image is a fantastic idea that will bring you closer to your purpose.

22. Flower beds and lawns

The curved lines are once again the protagonists in the design of this green area that reserves the space closest to the wall to a flowerbed area, freeing the rest for the installation of grass. A border in the form of a wooden fence is responsible for delimiting each of the areas.

23. As a complement to your terrace

When we think of a garden, we are often struck by the vision of large green expanses. However, you can give life to a small green area that complements the design of your terrace by placing several planters that attract attention and allow you to add a very natural touch to your outdoor spaces.

24. In the shade

If you don't have much space or an area where there is too much sun, there is no reason to worry. You can take advantage of any corner of your patio to create your small garden by choosing plants that do not need too much light.

25. Incorporate different areas

Incorporate different areas within your small garden to fully exploit its functionality.

26. Joint space

If you have a large outdoor garden but want to differentiate the area closest to the entrance of your house, the ideal is that, at the exact point where both spaces come together, you create a composition with its own personality. Some brightly colored flowers, a stone wall or a change in the materials used will be enough.

27. An aisle of flowers

Climbing plants are ideal for small spaces or, in other words, they are a fantastic idea for creating attractive designs in small gardens by taking advantage of the height space.

28. Garden with pond

Water is an element of capital importance in the design of gardens that embrace the most oriental inspiration. If the fountains do not attract attention, you can incorporate the aqueous medium in the form of a pond, giving life to an ecosystem with a life of its own.

29. Incorporate aquatic elements

The incorporation of aquatic elements in the form of fountains or ponds will give your small garden a very characteristic freshness.

30. Take advantage of the presence of plants in your garden

Take advantage of the presence of plants in your garden to reinforce its privacy or delimit different uses.

31. Lighting details

A good way to draw attention to your small garden is to provide it with adequate lighting. In this example, the beauty of the proposal is enhanced thanks to the lights that emerge from the ground, drawing attention to the palm trees and creating a most exotic atmosphere.

32. An intimate and personal space

Whenever dimensions allow, installing a covered area in the form of a pergola or gazebo will give your small garden a unique charm. The idea of having a romantic and intimate space is the most appropriate for those who want to enjoy their outdoor areas in the best company.

33. Lawn

A lawn is a classic in gardens of any size.

34. Create attractive terrace designs

Create attractive terrace designs and fill your small garden with colour.

35. Add nature

Blend your garden with the surrounding nature by delimiting the area to be occupied with rocks that evoke the Mediterranean charm.

36. A design in harmony

Interior decorators and designers like to look for balanced and harmonious spaces, a consideration also applicable to the configuration of outdoor areas. In this example, every one of the elements that are part of the green area intermingle in perfect harmony offering an overwhelming appearance.

37. A corner to relax

Another classic idea when planning gardens, small or large, is to reserve a space for recreation and relaxation. A simple stone pavement and outdoor furniture in the form of a white bench give life to this proposal full of charm in a no less attractive garden.

38. Perennial plants

If you want your small garden to look perfect all year round, it is interesting to use perennial plants. Spread them over the floor and walls, flooding every corner with greenery to give life to an enveloping and seductive atmosphere like this one.

39. Incorporate impossible shapes for a unique design

Bet on impossible shapes giving life to a garden with a unique design with a very personal imprint.

40. The magic of water

Here is another example in which a well-lit pond becomes the protagonist of the garden design. If you have a large garden, you can even opt for ponds that resemble natural pools.

41. Seasonal plants

Introduce seasonal plants to renew the image of your small garden so that it is always perfect.

42. Variety is the joy

Whatever the size of your garden, remember that the choice of plants will have a direct effect on its final image. Different colours, species and dimensions guarantee attractive results adapted to all tastes.

What about indoor gardens?

After filling this article with a good amount for your small gardens, below we bring you some slightly different ideas, to get away from the size of these spaces a little. We tend to think that gardens are exclusively for the outdoors. The truth is that it is ideal, that nature develops outside, but certain species need special conditions for which we create indoor gardens. In this way, we bring vegetation to more closed spaces than usual, we create the right conditions for the planted species and we manage to bring the joy of the outdoors inside our home.

The spectacular garden design

We like to see how home gardens develop, especially if they are colourful. During all times of the year, a garden can look spectacular. And this can only be achieved if you have professionals who know what species to plant, how to locate them, what shapes and volumes to achieve, etc. These professionals are landscape designers, who know perfectly everything that is related to vegetation, outdoor furniture, maintenance and irrigation systems.

In the absence of a garden… a good terrace!

To tell the truth, I'm sure someone has asked themselves the question: I don't have a garden, what should I do? Well, very easy: in the absence of a garden, a good terrace is the best alternative! In the pandemic circumstances we find ourselves in, outdoor spaces have resurfaced, so it is a good time for you to give a more personal and vigorous touch to your terrace. Use your imagination or consult with professionals, and create a garden area that makes you feel like you are in a beautiful garden. Keep in mind that having so many plants at home, you have to create an irrigation system, whether automatic or planning to do it yourself by hand. It is important to keep plants well-fed and watered so that they look in all their splendour, and that they can decorate your garden or terrace in the best possible way.

Vertical gardens

A great idea for small spaces! Take advantage of the walls and add a touch of decoration by integrating nature into your interiors and/or exteriors.

How else would you add charm to your small garden?

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