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9 houses that are perfect for Malaysian city living

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Malaysian city living is like city living anywhere else! A perfect amalgamation of people, cultures, ethnicities, foods and cultural events. With all of these conveniences right at your finger tips, why not consider Malaysian city living? Whether you have a smaller home, or a larger dream home—we have some great ideas and inspirations regarding Malaysian homes and architecture.

This article will give you a few options for Malaysian city living—however, if you're looking for the perfect house for modish Malay living, we have ideas for that too!

Wide and grand

Abundant backyard space is nearly impossible in Malaysian cities. However, the minimalist and clean design of the house would fit perfectly into a cityscape and provide for a single family easily! Wide-range doors and floor-to-ceiling windows make this home seamlessly blend into its wonderful environment.

Natural and serene

Perfect in size for a single family and enough design details to look high-end, this home would perfectly assimilate itself to any Malaysian city scene. When it comes to wooden facades, consider the most eco-friendly and sustainable options!

Square and well-lit

Plenty of window views that provide an abundance of natural light and tons of balcony/terrace space make this home perfect for the lovely climate conditions and scenic views of any Malaysian city!


Four windows and one that includes wooden privacy guards, the facade of this home is quite a statement. Minimalist, sleek and clean, the minimal concrete driveway and landscaping allow those outside to imagine what awaits in the interior.


Somtimes concrete and greenery are all you need. This home, pulling from Japanese influences keeps the lines minimal, clean and sleek.  The greenery and spotlight lighting give the perfect finishing touches.

A grand city loft

This huge home provides all the space a country home would but includes all the conveniences of city living. The exposed raw materials like the urban gardening, wood flanks, glass and plaster combined make for a beautiful visual atmosphere.

Strong contrasts

Cities are full of both bright lights and strong shadows and this home has them both.  The multiple layers and levels this home demonstrates speaks to a strong influence from both modernism and minimalism.  The best aspect? The great lighting!


This tri-level home is perfect for including a second-level terrace, wide-angle windows and a covered area for personal parking or even outdoor parties. The angle of the roof eludes a retro 60s/70s feel, and combined with the bold colour it's wonderful!

Wild and wooden

Using wood for both design and privacy, this über-modern home includes an exterior hallway for easy access to the garage/shed components and great corner windows for wide-angle views!

If you're looking to equip your modern Malay home with all the essential features, than this ideabook is perfect for you! Malaysian architecture is beautiful, modern and especially modest, giving it a quality unlike any other region.

We often have to live without every item on our checklist and making due is a necessary part of life—here are six things that every Malaysian home would love to have all in one list!

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