8 inexpensive ways to furnish your kitchen

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The kitchen is the heart of the home, so of course we want it looking fabulous! However, creating your dream kitchen can be costly, and therefore difficult on a budget. 

Don’t fret! The vast majority of the cost associated with kitchen renovation is likely to be the materials, rather than the labour, so here at homify we thought we’d lend a helping hand by taking a look some less expensive, but equally stylish options; allowing you to create your dream kitchen without the nightmare price tag.

Laminate countertops

When it comes to kitchen remodelling, the countertop is a big decision as the style of countertop will go some way toward defining the room, as well as determine how much of the budget it’s likely to consume.

Some of the more common choices for countertops include: laminate, tile, wood, marble and granite. Laminates are a brilliant economical option, as they cater for virtually every taste and room design. Laminate countertops are available in faux-wood, granite and marble designs, which would otherwise be difficult on a budget.

Cement countertops

Alternatively, if you’re looking for that extra durability that only a stone surface can provide, a similar effect can be achieved with cement – yes, cement!

Tiled countertops

Tiles are one the less expensive means of finishing a kitchen countertop - aesthetically pleasing and durable—they’re a great option. Beware however; maintenance can be a little more troublesome than some other alternatives.

MDF Cabinets

Generally, the largest portion of the kitchen remodelling budget goes on cabinetry, and here we have two options: wood or MDF. 

MDF, or medium density fiberboard, is made from resin and recycled wood fibers that are pressed together into solid boards. Usually cheaper than solid wood, MDF cabinets also require less care as wood can be affected by temperature and humidity.

Concrete flooring

Concrete can be a great alternative flooring choice, it’s certainly durable and long-lasting!  In instances where you have an existing concrete slab in the kitchen, it could well be the choice for you. 

Rather than worrying about finding new flooring materials, just have the concrete polished or even stained. This provides a great, relatively inexpensive alternative.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring can imitate the look of virtually any hardwood, as well as variety of natural stone and ceramic flooring materials, but at a fraction of the cost! Click together fitting also makes the installation process quick and easy.

Lino flooring

Linocork (Cork & Linoleum) Granorte Walls & flooringWall & floor coverings

Linocork (Cork & Linoleum)


Linoleum, or lino, is made from natural, renewable raw materials such as linseed oil, powdered cork and wood powder; this makes it a fairly green alternative, as well as a cheap one! 

Its green credentials, in conjunction with the variety of colours and designs available today, have allowed lino to make a comeback in recent years.

Exposed brickwork

Exposed brickwork can achieve a powerful, rustic look, as well as reducing the cost. Reclaimed materials can - at times - be cheaper than their new counterparts, however, often they will be more expensive. Aside doing your bit for the environment, aesthetics would be the main reason to use reclaimed wood and brick, rather than cost.

In need of a little more kitchen planning help? It always pays to consult a professional. In the meantime, check out this helpful guide to kitchen planning.

Have you got any interesting ideas for cutting costs? Let us know in the comments below!

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