Suffering from mosquitos? 6 ways to beat them!

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Nothing is as annoying as the buzzing of a hundred tiny mosquitos next to your ear, or the thought that in a few minutes you will have a nice bug bite that will itch for days to come. Mosquitos torment high humidity areas and carry loads of undesired diseases. 

If your home is plagued by mosquitos and you're determined to get rid of these pesky pests once and for all, this article can help! Keep reading to find out a few natural ways to beat these little blood suckers and keep them from ever coming back.

Use soft lighting

Soft lighting is another technique to keep the mosquitos at bay. Everyone knows that insects are naturally fascinated by and attracted to light, so keeping low light indoors won't grab their attention quite as much. 

An even better solution to complement this strategy is to have a few brighter lights placed outside of the home and away from the entrances. That way, the mosquitos are attracted to the bright light outside instead of the dim light inside.

Close doors and windows

We all love to leave the doors and windows wide open in spring and summer time. After all, who doesn't enjoy fresh air circulating through the home? But unfortunately, this is a very large gateway for mosquitos to come flying in. 

Keeping your doors and windows closed is the easiest way to keep out those nasty pests. But if you are dead set on having circulation, consider installing screens for your windows and doors. That way you can have the best of both worlds!

Windows open, curtains closed

Another way you can still have your windows open and keep out mosquitos is to close your curtains in front of them. 

The outdoor breeze will be able to push through the curtain fabric and get into your home, but those mosquitos sure won't be able to.

Hang a mosquito net

Mosquito nets are the perfect pest grabber. Fashioning a mosquito net over the bed is the most practical place to put it. That way, you won't be swatting bugs out of your face while you're trying to sleep. And depending on the style you choose, it can become quite the fashionable decoration!

Invest in houseplants that mosquitoes dislike

Interestingly enough, there are house plants you can buy that actually repel mosquitos. Chances are you’ve heard of citronella before. It's one of the most common ingredients in mosquito repellents. But what you may not know is that it's actually a plant! 

Citronella is a gorgeous perennial grass that emits a strong aroma that mosquitos just can't stand. Other house plants you can buy to repel mosquitos are lemon balm, catnip, marigold, basil, lavender, and even peppermint.

Ensure circulation of fresh air

Mosquitos are naturally attracted to and love to breed in humid, cold, dark areas. Therefore, constant fresh air circulation will fight off mosquito breeding in your home. 

In addition to the aforementioned techniques, constant fresh air will combat this little nightmarish insect and you and your loved ones will be left with a bug free home!

Is your home too humid to handle? Then check out this article on how to reduce humidity in your home.

Are you ready to tackle those pesky mosquitoes? Let us know how it works out for you in the comments section below!

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