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Before and After: Ingenuity at its Finest

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We here at homify love showing you dramatic home transformations, and today we are going to South Korea to view another gorgeous example of architectural ingenuity. 

The designers at Design Seven certainly had their work cut out for them, but when commissioned to transform this dark and disheveled home, they delivered nothing but the best. And the result? Well, keep reading to find out!

Before: what an eyesore

Before the architects got to work on this home, it was literally a pig sty! With a crumbling foundation, out of date partitions, and gaudy fixings, this home was just begging for assistance. This space needed to be extended and was in desperate need of some ventilation.  

After: a room reboot!

Now that's what we're talking about! This space is hardly recognizable from the previous image. The partitions have been amended, opening up the living area and creating a thoroughly clean dialogue throughout. 

The addition of a large window pane on the far wall allows natural light to flood the space, making it appear even more extensive, and the parquet flooring adds the perfect touch of differentiating earth tones to give the home a more natural feel. 

Before: a disastrous hallway

This hallway looked as if it were in a war zone. The sickly appearance of peeling foundation, scuffed and muddled flooring, and inefficient lighting makes you want to run away as fast as possible! Let's see how the designers at Design Seven remedied this situation…

After: Mediterranean inspiration!

These architects sure knew what they were doing! This transformation is truly incredible. We just love the smooth and glossy cabinetry that replaced the old dry wall. Not to mention the perfect display of Mediterranean tile. The tiles work wonderfully in the black and white colour scheme and add the perfect amount of personality to an otherwise plain area of the home.

Are you looking to incorporate tiles into your home's new design? Then check out these fashionable tiles!

Before: understated and outdated

Who wouldn't get depressed stepping into this nightmarish kitchen? The dark cabinetry and dull colours alter this potentially lovely space to a drab ordeal. This kitchen was in great need of new style and function. Let's see how it looks now!

After: Style and function collide

Who would have thought these glossy grey cabinets would be the end of the miserable room we saw earlier? Reminiscent of the earth and the sky, this blue and brown colour combination is perfect for home decorating. These colours are muted, giving the space a more restful feel, but simply by changing the hues to a brighter variety, this kitchen could also have quite the energetic atmosphere. 

Before: cramped space

Just looking at this space can give anyone an uneasy feeling. The tub looks too small, and one wonders about the possibility of an accident in such a cramped space. Not to mention the lack of sufficient lighting is enough to give you the creeps. 

After: open up!

It's hard to believe that the bathroom we are viewing now stemmed from the previous image. Going from cramped to clear and practical, this bathroom is now the talk of the town. 

The dull colours have been replaced by vibrant turquoise, and we think the split-colour design on the walls is the perfect way to add a bit of differentiation in the tiling. The space is also three times brighter than it used to be with the addition of strategically placed ceiling lights

So there you have it! The remarkable work of these architects will be the envy of the neighbours for years to come. Want to see another amazing renovation? Check out the transformation of this languishing apartment!

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