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From Drab To Fab: Renovation Story Of An Old Residence

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Agence ADI-HOME Tropical style dining room
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Bischheim’s small town is located in the Alsace region of France. Its pretty townscape is spread on the banks of Marne–Rhine Canal. Like many other small and big cities of picturesque Alsace, Bischheim boasts of a long and sometimes tumultuous history which in turn affected its art and architecture.

The house that we are going to visit today has been a witness to the town’s history for close to eight decades. It was high time for it to shake off the dust accumulated over a period of time and show its new face to everyone. Strasbourg based interior architects Agence Adi-Home were given this responsibility. Let’s see how they handled the refurbishment of this old detached family house…

Living room before renovation

The house, dating back to the 1930s, is divided into four levels and boasts of a living area of 320 square metres. 

A greater portion of the house needed structural reformation as well as modernisation of the plumbing, insulation, and electrical work. The ground floor had to be opened up a little bit to allow more natural light into the space.

Living room

The renovated living room, now fitted with ceiling mounted LED lighting looks much brighter than before. White walls also help to brighten it up. Traditional specialty windows add a unique touch in this small space. 

Apart from the couches and coffee table, a small TV cabinet is placed in the corner of the room.

Modern kitchen

This small kitchen, occupying the ground floor, is fitted with smart grey tone cabinets and accessories. Wooden worktop brightens up the neutral colour scheme. Newly installed tiled flooring helps to keep the area clean and hygienic.

A closer look at the cabinets

This newly refurbished kitchen not only boasts a trendy look, but is also high on functionality. Extensive cabinets help to neatly arrange the kitchen accessories and appliances. 

Hiding behind the newly erected façade are many of the important gadgets considered indispensable for modern homes.

Dining room

Thanks largely to the wrought iron furniture, the dining room retains some of its old world charm. Lightweight furniture reduce the amount of congestion in a small area. 

Metallic bookcases and contemporary dressers take away some of the storage concerns. The grey paint on the feature wall introduces a bit of variety here.

State of the bathroom before renovation

Though not exactly in a derelict condition, the bathroom interior needed thorough upgradation. It was small and gloomy. The arrangement of accessories only increased its clutter. The sanitary fittings also needed a change.

Newly refurbished bathroom

Except for the white ceiling, the refurbished space is completely clad in tiles. Its grey and black colour scheme is in sync with the rest of the house.

The old bathtub has been replaced with a brand new corner tub. A glossy vanity unit was also installed

Secondary bathroom before restoration

The state of the secondary bathroom was much like the first one. Both of them are identically sized. A combination of blue walls and drab tiles made this small space look awful. The old and shoddy vanity unit did not help to improve the matter either.

Secondary bathroom after reformation

Courtesy of a warm colour scheme, monochromatic tiles covering the walls and newly installed fashionable flooring the same bathroom now looks like a different space altogether. The old bathtub has been discarded. A shower room has been built in one of the corners. Overall, the refurbished interior of this old townhouse looks a comfortable space to live in and enjoy for long.

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Which feature of this refurbished French abode did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below!
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