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6 minimalist houses with surprisingly cosy interiors!

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Ancient Roman poet Horace urged us to “avoid greatness,” because as he explained, “in a cottage there may be more real happiness than kings or their favourites enjoy.” Though this advice of his is not taken too seriously, we think there is merit in his suggestion, especially when thought in the context of the small homes that we are going to show you today.

All of them completely shun any kind of ostentation. They are utterly minimal on the outside and very cosy indoors In spite of their extremely small size, they are fantastic examples of modern family homes. Take a look…

Beautiful cottage in a natural setting

The traditional façade of this Polish cottage has undergone a contemporary facelift. Its exterior is decorated with neutral white and grey tones. 

Except for a small balcony, modern conservatory and courtyard, it does not boast any other adornment. That, however, does not diminish its beauty. The snow-clad surroundings have a fairy tale-like influence on the atmosphere.

Stylish interior design

Now step inside this cottage and soak up the charm! To give an impression of a spacious interior, an open floor plan has been designed. 

The elegantly designed living room, dining room and kitchen occupy the ground floor level. A combination of laminate flooring and ceramic tiles, dark feature walls and tastefully designed furniture decorate the space.

Earthly comfort

Except for its cliffside location, the owners of this Kamakura house have something more to be proud of – the graceful design of their small building. 

Its earthy tone pays perfect homage to the greenery around, and the minimally designed façade enhances its beauty rather than curbing it. Now consider, this detached family house is built only on a plot of 56 square metres—incredible.

Interior filled with warmth

You can see the sunny interior of the open plan kitchen, dining and family room here. Both the flooring and ceiling is clad in wood. 

The tiny kitchen stands at the far end of the room. Total floor area of this Kamakura family residence is only about 93 square metres.

A modern monolith

Modern matchbox houses are not always considered to be the most stylish option, but there is an exception to everything and this residential building seems to be one of those. 

Its stern geometrical structure occupies a tiny plot of about 60 square metres, although the grand grey walls make it appear much bigger.

Vibrant interior design

The vibrant interior design is so completely different from the compact exterior! It is filled with colour and trendy décor. 

The walls are accented with a bright yellow tone, while a green grassy area rug, modern coffee table, couch and chair enhance its charming look. Extensive storage arrangements make this space extremely functional and not merely appealing to the senses.

Slender and tall

The lean and trim structure of this Japanese dwelling is bound to attract admiring glances. A tiny garden in front with a curved staircase offsets the extra sharpness in the contour of the building. It also shows the designers’ attention to the detail. 

To maintain the minimalist nature of the design, the façade has been kept almost exclusively white.

Elegant and comfortable interior

The cosy nature of the interior boasts a striking charm. A combination of dark grey and white for the colour scheme, wood flooring, and a ceiling with wood accents embellish its interior. 

Large windows are responsible for drenching the space with natural light and magnifying its beauty. Smart wall mounted cabinets resolve any lingering storage concerns.

Zigzag house

This one is certainly one of the most intriguing small houses you will ever get to see. Located in Fukuoka City, the design of the house is influenced by the sloping mountain topography. 

Its minimal yet cleverly designed façade is actually its prime adornment. In its small confinement, the house has a private garden for the entertainment of the family residing there.

Cosy interior with a tasteful décor

The understated décor helps to keep the cosy interior clutter free, hygienic and comfortable. From the oblong shape of the kid’s room you can assume how difficult it was to manage in a small space, yet how commendably it has been carried out.

Embracing darkness

Kohl black minimally designed façades are not something we get to see every day. It definitely makes this house a head-turner! 

It is accented with wood, exposed concrete and windows of diverse design. Its shape is also something that intrigues many onlookers.

Delightfully designed interior

The cosy interior is as delightfully designed as you can imagine it to be. Graceful parquet tiles prove to be such a worthy choice for this modern home office-cum-library. Wall mounted cabinets and shelves take care of the storage concerns. Windows and skylight installations keep the interior bright and comfortable. After all, these are the prerequisites of every fashionable home!

The modish designs of the exterior and interior of these houses remind us once again that there really cannot be any other place like “home”.

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Which of these tiny houses did you like the most? Tell us in the comments section below!
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