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Before and After: What A Father Did For His Two Daughters

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Some renovation projects have such dire 'before' pictures that you really can't imagine how anyone could live there. While the transformations are always great, you still have a shudder when you think back to the starting point. Today, we bring a project of this severity.

A small and dark, almost uninhabitable, house has been extended and modernised to enjoy a crisp white interior, fresh kitchen and far more appealing façade, which shows that nothing is beyond saving. But that's not the whole story. This annex was part of an old family home. As time went on, the daughters grew up and needed more space. Their father knew it was time to let them spread their wings and fly, but wanted to make sure that they always had a home waiting for them. This renovation is the result of his tireless efforts to provide for his beloved children.

If you're ready to be surprised, then join us for a look around!

Before: Simply the worst

Not what you'd call a dream home, is it? Dirty, small and downright depressing, this is a house that really needed either a bulldozer or a helping hand.

Believe it or not, that sad little room is actually the kitchen. Just wait until you see it from the inside, it's the stuff of horror films!

Before: Don’t eat the food!

We know we're used to amazing, contemporary kitchens here at homify but even if we weren't, we'd still know that this is one of the worst kitchens we've ever seen.

Is it actually a lean-to conservatory? Dark, dirty and horrifying, we can't imagine putting up with this for even a day. 

After: Coming on in leaps and bounds

We don't think this project is entirely finished yet but you can see what a difference this new kitchen extension has made already.

The classic boxy design keeps everything simple, and has transformed the front of this home. All that's needed is a coat of paint and we think this would look like a perfectly lovely, modern house.

After: Indescribable improvement

If you'd shown us the before picture and said that the kitchen would turn into a lovely open plan cooking and dining area, filled with stylish furniture and bright light, we might have been uncharitable and not believed you. Well, here is the proof!

The grey and white scheme is worlds apart from what was the poor excuse for a kitchen. With space for a dining table, a small and pokey house has become a very comfortable, sociable home.

After: Pure and simple

We really do like an understated interior design scheme and this one works perfectly with the location. It's staggering what a huge impact a simple, clean and chic colour scheme can have on a house, particularly a smaller one.

We get the feeling there's more to be done to this home. Hopefully we'll be able to revisit it one day to see how the other rooms have been modernised and transformed! For more revamp inspiration, take a look at the new lease of life for Studio Poh.

Adapted from an article by Amy Tocknell for homify UK

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